How To Survive Current hardship In Nigeria

How To Survive Current hardship In Nigeria—Former Commissioner

How To Survive Current hardship In Nigeria

OpenLife Nigeria reports that as hardship bits harder as a result of oil subsidy removal, a former commissioner in Ogun State, Engineer Gbenga Dairo, has advised Nigerians to explore other means of transportation to ease current challenges in the country.

Engineer Gbenga Dairo made these remarks while receiving the pupils from Divine Grace Foundation Montessori School, Aro Lambo, Oke-Aro, Ogun State.

Dairo stated this in Abeokuta after giving them (pupils) a Train ride from Lagos, bicycle riding, and also taking them on a boat ride in the state capital.

He further advocated for formal education in various institutions of learning or vocational centres on how to operate other modes of transportation, like bicycles, in order to serve as other modes of transportation in the future.

According to the Engineer, Olukunle Michael, one of the pupils who passionately discussed the various modes of transportation in a video he saw online, caught his attention and motivated him to provide them with a real-life experience of these transportation methods.

He said giving them the opportunity to witness and engage them with sustainable transportation firsthand could nurture their curiosity and inspire them to continue envisioning a greener and more interconnected future of Ogun State.

Dairo urged the people to key into other means of transportation, especially when transporting themselves from one place to another, enjoining Nigerians to explore all modes of transportation, including not only the railway or personal vehicle but also tricycles and others.

Speaking, the proprietress of the School, Miss. Oyindamola Bajulaye, appreciated the former commissioners’ gesture, adding that the event was not expected as it would be of great benefit to the kids in the nearest future.

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