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How To Pick Buhari’s Successor—-David Jemibewon

How to pick the right person in 2023
Just within days when former President Olusegun Obasanjo admonished Prince Uche Secondus, the embattled national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Abeokuta on how to pick the party’s candidate in the 2023 presidential contests, one of his former Ministers between 1999 and 2003, David Jemibewon, has added his voice to what Nigerians should look out for before casting their votes on February 18, 2023. Speaking in an exclusive interview with OpenLife Magazine’s Staff Writer, Isaac Ngumah, the 81 years old Ijumu, Kogi State-born retired Army Major General, who served as military governor of Oyo State (1976–1978) during the military regime of General Murtala Muhammed, also cautioned Nigerian on security alertness

Honestly, any killing at all is bad and any human killing except it is through the process of law is also bad.
So, there is nobody who will not condemn the killing as reported. I would have thought that Nigeria, in both education and civilization, has gone beyond that.

There are some people who are even suggesting that it sounds ridiculous.
I am not sure that there is any solution to any matter that permanently solves any problem.
The thing is that as people advance and make progress, new things will develop. Even when science intervenes in discovering, the same product of science will bring new problems that will require adjustment in the laws and practices in society.
So, there is no actions of decisions that solve human problem permanently.


The security situation in Nigeria is precarious and disappointing. It is not good enough at least when you compare it to the past.
The way out is that all of us will gear up to end it and give supports to government agencies. Citizens should learn to report matters that bother insecurity. Also, whatever government puts in place should be supported and protected.


We should all be conscious of our environment and be at alert of unknown faces and movements.
With this type of situation, progress will be difficult to be made if there is no cooperation.


The people who are making forecasts are just making forecasts. Each time I read such a statement I just laugh.
In some of the comments, they would say the southeast will produce the next president. Ogoja or Sokoto will produce the next president. What of us who are not from those places, are we not Nigerians?
If we say democracy, we should go straight to democracy and democracy doesn’t matter where the person comes from.
But as long he is competent, he is manageable, he is educated and he has good character and then, of course, he is a good representative of the good people of this country, he can become President. These factors and key points I just mentioned are the most important things.
So, for me, I just read it and pass through it. It doesn’t capture my attention.
Any Nigerian who, by qualification and constitutional provisions, is qualified to be President has the right to contest for it if he wants to.


They have the right to express their opinions. So I have no objection as far as they are expressing their views.


From what I see, most of the activities of the members of the two parties are governing their respective offices by greed.
I don’t know why people jump from one political party to the other.
I expect that people who have gone beyond the age of 50 should have some level of showing mature behaviour in every aspect of life.
So, capitalizing on every opportunity and start jumping from boat to boat is not good. I am angry with them.


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