How Joe Biden reached under my skirt in 1993 Summer, Tara Reade, former congressional staffer, reveals

 As the countdown to the all important America presidential contest begins,  there are damaging allegations against Joe Biden, 77, a former United States Vice President and a front runner for the forthcoming presidential contest.

He hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States. Biden was seen as a potential candidate to succeed Barack Obama in the 2016 presidential election. On October 21, 2015, following the death of his son Beau, Biden announced that he would not seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

Over the last week, new reporting has provided corroborating evidence for a decades-old allegation of sexual assault against him, a charge that has been denied by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign. 

In March, former Biden congressional staffer Tara Reade told Podcaster Katie Halper that in the spring or summer of 1993  the then-senator from Delaware had cornered her in a private hallway when she was delivering a duffel bag. Reade alleges that Biden began kissing her, propositioned and reached under her skirt and began touching her.

The Biden campaign has denied the allegations saying  “former Vice President Biden has dedicated his public life to changing the culture and the laws around violence against women,” Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s communications director, said in a statement

Continuing, the statement said “He authored and fought for the passage and reauthorization of the landmark Violence Against Women Act. He firmly believes that women have a right to be heard — and heard respectfully. Such claims should also be diligently reviewed by an independent press. What is clear about this claim: It is untrue. This absolutely did not happen.”

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Reade said that after complaining, her duties were scaled back and she was eventually told she wasn’t a good fit before being given a month to find another job. Reade said that she filed a written complaint at the time with a Senate personnel office, which could be with the rest of Biden’s senatorial papers at the University of Delaware. The university has said that an archive related to the former vice president “will remain closed to the public until two years after Mr. Biden retires from public life.”

In earlier interviews last year, Reade said  Biden had touched her shoulders and played with her hair.

Meanwhile, corroborating accounts from two women who said that Reade had told them about the incident in the mid-’90s appeared  on Monday, April 27 published in Business Insider.

“I remember her saying, here was this person that she was working for and she idolized him,” Lynda LaCasse, Reade’s former neighbor, said. “And he kind of put her up against a wall. And he put his hand up her skirt and he put his fingers inside her. She felt like she was assaulted, and she really didn’t feel there was anything she could do.”

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“I don’t remember all the details,” added LaCasse, who said she was a Democrat who still supported Biden. “I remember the skirt. I remember the fingers. I remember she was devastated.”

Another woman, Lorraine Sanchez, told McHugh that she recalled Reade complaining to her in the mid-’90s that her former boss in Washington, D.C., had sexually harassed her and that she had been fired for raising concerns. Sanchez and Reade worked together in the office of a California state senator.

Curiously, there was other allegation in March 2019, former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores who alleged that Biden had kissed and touched her inappropriately in 2014. In response to Flores’s allegation, Biden said it “was never my intention” to make Flores or another woman feel uncomfortable.

“In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort. And not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately,” he said in the statement. “If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully. But it was never my intention.”

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He added that he did not recall the alleged interaction with Flores, but said, “We have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences.”

Biden ran for President two times, in 1988 and 2008. Consequently, some Jewish women are reconsidering their supports and this could affect Biden’s  chances in the election.

However, as more evidences are unearthed to supports alleged Biden’s penchant for “touching”, how he wriggles out himself of all the accusations, remains to be seen

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