How I Curbed Adams

How I Curbed Adams Oshiomhole’s Politics With Infantry Brigade In Edo—Obaseki

How I Curbed Adams

OpenLife Nigeria reports that governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has, once again, shed light on the genesis of the fight between him and his predecessor in office, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

Speaking to Vanguard editors, Obaseki stated that Oshiomhole’s ruthless mode of politicking did not settle well with his political philosophy, a development that prompted him to dismantle the inhuman structure.

The governor narrated that the moment he assumed office in November 2016, he discovered that to grow the economy, he had to dismantle Oshiomhole’s Infantry political brigade which had become a nightmare to investors and other commercial business operators.

To achieve this, the governor admitted that it partly punctured their cordial relationship that begun in 2007.

Said Obaseki:
“We leveraged the natural advantage of location. We are the core of Nigeria; you cannot go from the West to the East without passing through here, so there will always be traffic and markets, but why are people not stopping?

“Why were people not doing things here before? It is simply law, order, and security, which was the initial political struggle when I came in.

“We had to dismantle those non-state actors, who my predecessor even said were the infantry of the political class. These non-state actors created instability and disorderliness because they had to fund them; they let them loose on citizens.

“For a woman to display her wares in the market, she has to pay. So the first thing was to bring the temperature down, which was the basis of the fight with my predecessor.

“So, when he became national chair, they {Infantry} shifted with him to Abuja, and from there, they launched the missiles here,” Obaseki disclosed.

How I Curbed Adams
Governor Godwin Obaseki

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