How Edwin Clark Helped My Government

How Edwin Clark Helped My Government—Gowon

How Edwin Clark Helped My Government

OpenLife Nigeria reports that 89 years Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria’s 3rd military head of State and civil war hero has, for the first time, revealed what he achieved with Edwin Clark who was the spokesperson of his government.

Gowon who joined the Nigerian Army in 1954 and received his commission as a Second Lieutenant on 19 October 1955 spoke on Thursday at the public presentation of “Brutally Frank,” an autobiography of elder statesman, Chief Edwin Clark.

Major-General Yakubu Gowon (retd), under whose administration Chief Clark served as the federal commissioner for information and foreign affairs, said he never had any form of argument with with Chief Edwin Clark.

Gowon said: “I can assure you I’ve never had any difficulty or argument with him. It was most amicable and respectfully given.

However, considering a strong personality, there were of course times that he would vehemently disagree with his colleagues, commissioners and military officers and worked hard to convince them of why his own position is better than theirs.

How  Edwin Clark Helped My Government---Gowon
Clark and Obasanjo, another civil war hero

“He was helpful not only in explaining government policies and programmes in the efforts to rebuild our unity in the country. I also find him useful in our vision of building a common identity within the West African subregion.”

The former Head of State noted that “Brutally Frank” is a good chronicle of the events that happened under his administration.
Gowon added: “I, therefore, found his personality and partnership skills assets in visiting various West African countries to canvass the need for us to have a common regional body which today is known as ECOWAS. Of course, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs certainly did a very good job along with his efforts.

“So this book, ‘Brutally Frank,’ therefore, is a very useful chronicle of what transpired in Nigeria during his lifetime of service. I am hopeful that the younger generations would be better informed on the experiences, which has brought the country to what it is today,” he stated.

Born on October 19, 1934, Gowon presided over a controversial Nigerian Civil War and delivered the famous “no victor, no vanquished” speech at the war’s end to promote healing and reconciliation.

The Nigerian Civil War is listed as one of the deadliest in modern history, with some accusing Gowon of crimes against humanity and genocide.

Gowon maintains that he committed no wrongdoing during the war and that his leadership saved the country.

An Anglican Christian from a minority Ngas family of Northern Nigeria, Gowon is a Nigerian nationalist, and a believer in the unity and oneness of Nigeria. Gowon’s rise to power followed the July 1966 counter-coup and cemented military rule in Nigeria.

Consequently, Gowon served for the longest continuous period as head of state of Nigeria, ruling for almost nine years until his overthrow in the coup d’état of 1975 by Brigadier Murtala Mohammed.

How  Edwin Clark Helped My Government---Gowon
Edwin Clark, helped Yakubu Gowon to manage effective government communications

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