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Hanks Anuku Speaks About Mental Health And Jesus

Hanks Anuku Speaks About Mental Health And Jesus

 OpenLife Nigeria reports that in the past few days, entertainment gists in and outside Nigeria have centred on the health status of one of  the country’s most talented entertainers, Hanks Anuku. A video had surfaced online in which Hanks Anuku was seen roaming the streets, looking unkempt.

In the video, Hanks Anuku was seen looking dirty and haggard. He seen talking loudly to onlookers as he walked. Promptly, it became the subject of discussions across the land.

But on Friday, the 62 years old actor who hails from from Ika in Delta State appeared in another video debuncking earlier claims about his state of health.

He said, “I just want you all to know that today is 18th of November 2022, and am speaking life from my carbarn don’t forget it this not an old video, this fresh from the heaven above to the earth below, Find Jesus and leave me alone.”

Hanks Anuku is a Nigerian-Ghanaian actor. He often stars as a villain in many Nollywood films. As of 2017, Anuku was naturalized and became an American.

He attended Loyola College, Ibadan. He graduated from Auchi Polytechnic in 1981.. His sister was Miss Nigeria 1986 Rita Anuku, who died in 2015.

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