Hafsat Abiola

Hafsat Abiola Reveals Intimate Spiritual Secrets At 47


Hafsat Abiola reveals Intimate Spiritual secrets
OpenLife Nigeria reports that for the first time, Hafsat Abiola, daughter of late MKO Abiola, business tycoon and winner of the annulled June 12, 1993 presidential election, is 47 years old.
The daughter of late Kudirat Abiola was born on August 21, 1974.
For reasons best known to her, the former special adviser to governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State on Millennium Development Goals has decided to reveal her spiritual secrets that keep her strong and going in life.
She wrote:
“This isn’t a big birthday. That will be in a couple of years. And yet, it comes at a major time in my life.
“I’m not religious, although nominally I follow the teachings of Islam, the religion of my parents.
“I am more spiritual, seeing myself as a spiritual being having a human experience. Yet, of the ideas from Islam, my favorite is “there is no compulsion in religion.”
“I think there should be no compulsion in any aspect of life. Live, and let live. Allow people to be who they are. Allow yourself, too, to be who you are and have the courage to live your way into who you could become.
“As I begin another tour around the sun in all its glory, I feel so thankful for all I’ve experienced in the book of life so far and blessed to begin this new chapter,” she disclosed.
Hafsat Abiola who married Nicholas Costello, a British diplomat from the United Kingdom in 2001, is a human rights, civil rights and democracy activist.
The mother of two- Khalil and Anabella- graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover, in 1992 and Harvard College in 1996 where she received a degree in Development Economics.
She later earned her M.Sc in International Development from Tsinghua University, Beijing.
In honor of her mother, who died in the June 12 democratic struggle, she founded Kudirat Initiative for Democracy, KIND, in 1997 with the aim of promoting the development of women as initiators of change through leadership and awareness programmes.


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