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Governor Akeredolu: Consequence Of Ignoring Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy

Governor Akeredolu

OpenLife Nigeria reports that there are growing concerns in Ondo State where a hitherto cordial relationship between the wife of the governor, Mrs. Betty Akeredolu and a special adviser on Public and Inter-Governmental Relations, has gone frosty as a result of the ill health of governor Rotimi Akeredolu which the aide is said to have shown enormous care.
In an audio recording which has gone viral, the wife of the Governor accused the female aide of interfering in the management of the governor’s health.
Mrs Akeredolu’s outburst in the recording indicated that the governor is suffering from an undisclosed ailment.
In the audio message she was said to have shared on a Whatsapp platform for officials of the governor, Mrs Akeredolu accused Ms Ademosu of “sneaking in concotions” for the treatment of her husband’s ailment.
She said she had earlier warned the aide against such practices as she only believes in orthodox medication.
“I have a message for Ademosu. I don’t have her number, and I don’t think she is worthy of me having her number,” she said.
“I want this woman to stay away from my husband. Stop sneaking in concotion . According to her, they are from her pastors, her fake pastors, to give my husband to drink. We rely on medical care, we rely on western style of medical care and Aketi will get well.”
She further accused Ms Ademosu of an ambition to become deputy governor, should the governor become incapable of completing his tenure.
However, those who have pre sickness records of the governor said that had he adhered to the prophetic warnings of Primate Ayodele and probably approached the man of God for remedies, he probably would not have critically fallen ill at the moment.
They recall that what is happening at the moment is in fulfillment of the prophecy of Primate Elijah Ayodele which he noted in his annual book of prophecy titled ‘Warnings To The Nations’ released in July 2022.
According to the story, Primate Ayodele in the 2022/2023 edition of the prophecy book asked Nigerians to pray against ailment among sitting governors in the country. He warned that he foresees a sitting governor falling ill while in office.
These were his words:
‘’ Let us rebuke bridge collapsing and major market engulfed by fire. Let us pray that no sitting governor will fall sick in Nigeria and EFCC will embarrass some governors. Let us pray not to record the death of a former president and the death of any minister either former or present. Nigeria as a country needs lots of prayers to prevent negative and evil things.’’
Just as he said, the failing health of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has confirmed the prophecy of Primate Ayodele.


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