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Godwin Obaseki runs on excuses and blackmail – APC

Godwin Obaseki, Edo governor, has only excuses, deceit and blackmail to offer Edo people, says APC.  Incumbent governments, all over the world, run for re-election on their achievements and records in office, the party admonishes.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the All Progressives Congress, APC,  said Obaseki’s years have been seasons of lazy gossips.

His four years were seen as years of tactless lies peddled in the media to generate sympathy and distract attention.


John Mayaki, Chairman of Edo APC Media Campaign Council, who endorsed the statement, said Godwin Obaseki is a confused candidate. He is only being spurned by his closest aides and associates. This is because, according to him, he lacks administrative skills. He also accused Obaseki of frittering away his goodwill on lazy, and corrupt, endeavors that yielded nothing but worthless MOUs.

He says the Governor’s incompetence is made worse by his refusal to accept responsibility for his failures. A flaw, which according to Mayaki, led the Governor to say “Edo has been thrown into darkness in the last five years by the APC.”


He mocked the Governor for forgetting that he had in fact been in office for four out of the five quoted years and the indicting fact cited by him on the poor state of electricity only reinforces the claim of the that his emergence has been a tragedy that must be reversed on the 19th of September.

Mayaki said: “Mr. Godwin Obaseki’s re-election campaign is an assault on common sense, decency, and ethics. He has failed to articulate his achievement in the last four years, even in special media charades put together by what is left of his tattered team of staff.”


“When they rushed to launch a farcical ‘MEGA’ plan, the embattled Governor stuttered in front of a camera. He fumbled and ended convincing voters that his administration is a MEGA failure and re-election campaign, a MEGA circus.”

“Unfortunately for Godwin Obaseki and his people, the people of Edo State are not in need of clowns. What they want is a prepared Governor like Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu of the APC who has a visible manifesto and specific plans on how to deal with the challenges confronting the state.”

“Obaseki has continued to sulk because he is served a rejection notice everywhere he has been in the state. Even at a recent event, he was heard criticizing APC for poor electricity in Edo in the last five years. He completely forgot he has been Governor of the State for at least four out of the five.”


“All promises including the GeleGele Seaport, Benin Industrial Park, and Mini-stadia have been abandoned for name-calling and finger-pointing.”

“Obaseki’s only answer to questions of what he has done in four years has been, “Oshiomhole said.”

Same applies to what he has done to deserve re-election . Sadly for him, Oshiomhole is not on the ballot. Before he realizes though, it would be too late. He is indeed the sluggish Governor who is slow to everything, including basic understanding.”

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