Global climate change: An existential threat to the Environment & Mankind by Prof Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi

Prof Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi has been nominated by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education )QAHE) , in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland,etc, as a Professor of Climate change & Environmental Sustainability.

He equally holds a doctorate degree on Environmental Studies from TBU Global Extension University, New York, USA, and was awarded Honorary doctorate degree in Peace & Christian Theology by United Nations Polac as an International Peace Ambassador.

In this interview with Openlife Nigeria, the foremost and award winning Nigerian professor of Safety and Environment, Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi will be telling us about Global Climate Change and its Existential Threat To Environment.

Que: Can We Meet You?

Ans: My name is Professor Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi.

Professor Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi

I am a native of Umulogho in Obowo Local Government Area of Imo state.

I am a Professor of Safety & Environment.

I have been working in the oil & gas industry for the past 34 years and still counting.

I am a Safety & Environmental Sustainability specialist by the special grace of GOD.

Professor Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi

I am equally a Lecturer in some tertiary Institutions here in Nigeria and abroad.

I lecture at Triune Biblical University, Global Extension, USA.

I am equally a guest Lecturer to some higher Institutions in Nigeria.

Professor Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi

Que: What are the causes of global climate change?

Ans: Climate change is mainly caused by the production of carbon emissions, especially anthropogenic activities of mankind on planet earth, such as burning of fossil fuels like Coal, wood, hydrocarbons ( crude oil & gas), etc.

Sequel to the quantum of these dangerous gases, the create serious damage to planet earth and the effects of global warming which we are feeling now becomes apparent and real.

Some of the effects of global warming or climate change could be summed up as follows:

• Change of pattern of rain falls.
• Disruption of forests & agricultural yields.
• Expansion of desserts or desertification process.
• Serious intense rainstorms and acid rain,etc.

Que: How do we get out of this global climate change?

Ans: We should discourage deforestation and encourage afforestation. That we should desist from hewing down the trees and mangroves.

Secondly, we resort to green energy or alternative energy sources such as, Biomass energy, Hydropower, Solar energy, Wind energy,etc.

Multinational oil companies should desist from flaring gases at their respective flowstations, and channel those gases for both industrial and domestic use.

Que: What are the implications of not reducing carbon emissions around our environment?

Ans: The implications of not reducing the production of carbon emissions are legion. More production of carbon emissions and other dangerous gases leads to rise in temperature.

Just like what is happening now in Europe. The ambient temperature around Europe now is tilting towards 40 degrees Celsius. People now spend more time in their swimming pools or beaches because of the harsh weather occasioned by the global climate change.

With the advent of high temperature, skin dermatitis, eye cataract and impaired vision are on the increase sequel to the release of ultra violet rays from the higher stratosphere.

Secondly, flooding would be on the increase with it’s attendant losses in both human lives and negative economic impacts on our Environment.

So everything humanly possible should be done to pull the planet earth from this Environmental quagmire which we have been inadvertently plunged into sequel to our activities on planet earth.

Que: What is the Ozone Layer and what benefits do we derive from it?

Ans: Ozone layer is a form of oxygen containing three atoms instead of the usual two.

It is formed and destroyed by complicated series of chemical reactions between atmospheric oxygen, sunlight and other substances in the higher stratosphere.

The ozone layer acts like a giant sun shade for planet earth. The ozone layer intercepts ultra violet rays made up of radiation from the higher stratosphere. The ozone layer intercepts these UV rays and simmers it down, before releasing same to us on planet earth.

But because of the production of chlorofluorocarbons and other allied gases, the ozone layer is always undergoing depletion when these dangerous gases are released into the atmosphere.

Apertures are created in this process and some UV rays would escape and hit us badly here on planet.

The UV rays that escaped would go to the polar icy regions and start to melt the mountainous ice bergs, which would find its way into the oceans and rivers, thereby causing excessive flooding when it rains.
So you can see with me that without the ozone layer, mankind cannot exist on planet. This is a very huge benefit we derive from the ozone layer.

Que: Should we encourage planting of trees in our environment?

Ans: Planting of trees is very very important to our Environment.

There is a symbiotic relationship between man and trees, which apparently has been betrayed by man , by incessant decimation of the trees and mangroves around our Environment.

The trees need our carbon dioxide to make their own food via the xylem and phloem vessels and aid of sunlight, which is called photosynthesis.

Invariably, the trees gives off oxygen to man to survive on planet earth.

With this betrayal of the alliance by man, we are now paying dearly for the prize of our inexperience. Suffice it to say that we are the harbingers of our own affliction.

We should go back to nature and settle with nature by desisting from cutting down trees or plants around us with reckless abandon.

Go to the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 20 verse 19, GOD admonished the Israelites not to put an ax on the trees as the trees are source of Man’s existence and survival.

Que: What is the importance of trees in our environment?

Ans: The importance of trees around our Environment cannot be over emphasized. If you cut one tree, try to plant at least two or three trees.

Check the book of Genesis, the Garden of Eden was described in the scripture as ” green vegetation “.

If the owner of the universe ( GOD), could attach much importance to trees, why then, we His creation are messing up the Environment.

Que: Away from Safety and Environment now, who are you voting for in the forthcoming presidential election?

Ans: I don’t usually vote during general elections in Nigeria, because I feel that our votes don’t count. This time around, I am going to vote for us to have a new Nigeria.

We need a paradigm shift from recycling old brigade politicians, to a movement for a New Nigeria. I must confess that I am OBIdient because I want to be Yusful to myself, family and community.

Que: Is Professor Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi a family man?

Ans: I am a typical family man. I am married to Ambassador ( Dr) Mrs Ngozi Gift Okeke for the past 30 years and we are blessed with four lovely children.

Professor Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi and his wife, Dr. Mrs Vera Ngozi Gift Okeke

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