Folashade Joseph

Folashade Joseph Assumes 2nd Term In Office

Folashade Joseph gets second term, OpenLife Nigeria reports
Folashade Joseph, a woman who does everything humanly possible to excel wherever she finds herself, has been re-appointed for a second term in office as Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Corporation, NAIC.
Official statement, through the Minister of Agriculture, says it took effect from 12th of April 2021.
Folashade Joseph was first appointed on April 10, 2017, by President Muhammadu Buhari in line with his policy of ameliorating the suffering of Nigerians and moving the national economic dependency from oil to agriculture and other viable sectors.
Since her appointment, settlements of claims in NAIC have been prompt.
Majority of farmers and those who had claimed settlement with NAIC, have expressed confidence and satisfaction in the way matters are now been handled.
There is huge increase in the confidence level of farmers patronising NAIC because of them believing that it can now effectively handle their risks.
Mrs Joseph’s staff welfare and training programme are top-notch. She believes in training and re-training of staff for the optimum result-oriented environment.
On her resumption and in line with her vision of making the corporation the leading Agricultural Insurance Organisation, Mrs Folashade Joseph immediately built and commissioned a new ultra-modern conference hall which was to assist in the delivery of an efficient, safe, productive and energy optimising environment; which will also reduce operating cost, increase staff orientations, re-orientation, training and as well generate additional income to NAIC through other outside users.
She has also created a farmer’s friendly environment by ensuring that her staffs go round the nation training and sensitising farmers on how best to go about their farming businesses in other for them to gain a high yield and to also avoid common and unnecessary natural hazards and risk. She has made sure that her staffs allay people’s fear of the wrong notion that insurance companies are reluctant or reneges when it comes to settlements or payment of claims.
NAIC was created in 1987 and was then named Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Company which was later in 1993 renamed Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Corporation by the enabling act 37 of 1993.
Source: Obafemi Babajide

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