Femi Falana

Femi Falana Berates APC’s Failure, Reaffirms Commitment To A Better Nigeria


Femi Falana Berates APC

OpenLife Nigeria reports that Mr. Femi Falana, SAN, a Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist, has berated the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, for failing Nigerians in all sphere of governance.
He lamented over the President Muhammadu Buhari led party to enthrone an all encompassing economic growth for job creation and social harmony, saying that the Peoples Alternative Political Movement, TPAP-Movement, which he and other like minds champion, would push for a better Nigeria.
He stated this during an exclusive conversation with OpenLife Magazine on Saturday afternoon.
Falana noted that TPAP-Movement, a new radical political Movement which involves a coalition of labour, civil society and community-based organizations, aims to work for a new and better Nigeria that is possible.
He emphasized that the present crop of leadership is corrupt and ineffective who should be compelled to do the right thing through democratic instruments of persuasion or be chased out of office in any available democratic window.
Falana maintained that this is not the Nigeria of his dream where epileptic power supply, infrastructural deficits, insecurity and poverty have been accepted as a way of life.
“TPAP-Movement is coming up with radical interventions. We have challenged lopsided appointments in Human Rights Commission, HRC, and we are challenging power,” Femi Falana disclosed.
He derided the consistency in failed rescue mission of kidnapped citizens by government and cited the America’s example whose security intelligence led to the rescue of its kidnapped citizen in Niger State, saying “Enough is enough. Government’s inability to rescue its citizens when kidnapped is another form of injustice which “Must stop.” He vowed.
“We want to entrench politics of ideology and accountability. We want to end power without responsibility. We will stop vote buying as well as mobilize against elevated fraud in government,” Falana said.
When reminded by OpenLife that a group, known as Grassroots Development Agenda, GDA, has insinuated that TPAP-Movement may not be sincere and that the Movement may be working for a southern politician, Falana called for reorientation of idle minds who cannot discern between genuine and fake intentions.
“It is a very simple thing to know. Any politician who is aspiring to be Nigerian President on APC platform is planning to continue with Buhari’s mal administrative policies. And that is something TPAP-Movement rejects. TPAP-Movement and APC are like night and day.
“There is no meeting point. TPAP-Movement represents light while APC represents darkness because there is no food on the table for many Nigerians. Therefore, it doesn’t add up that TPAP-Movement is connected with APC.
“Our friends in the media like you should begin to enlighten Nigerians about fake and genuine intentions. To rescue Nigeria which is TPAP-Movement’s mission should be the responsibility of all true Nigerians,” he advised.
Continuing, Falana said “I have been fighting for democracy in the country over a reasonable length of time. This is not even about 2023. 2023 is still far. We have to eat and be alive to be able to vote in 2023. We are keeping government on its toe to ensure Nigeria and Nigerians are safe. It is who is alive that will contest election in 2023. Therefore, TPAP-Movement is not about 2023. It is an everyday struggle to enthrone a better Nigeria. We are tackling issues everyday,” he stated.

It would be recalled that TPAP-Movement, in a recent statement signed by Jaye Gaskiya disclosed that the Movement has rolled out several socio-political programmes to save Nigeria from imminent economic and moral collapse and stressed that the TPAP-Movement will mend the co efficient inequality which has made Nigeria an almost pariah state.

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