Family Speaks On Alleged Sexual Connections

Family Speaks On Alleged Sexual Connections Between Tinubu’s Son And Billionaire Jack-Rich’s Wife

Family Speaks On Alleged Sexual Connections

OpenLife Nigeria reports that recent news that filtered into the public space, to the effect that Elizabeth, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Elin Group Limited and wife of business mogul, Tein Jack-Rich, was allegedly having sexual intercourse with Seyi Tinubu, an equally billionaire son of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been clarified.
Making the clarification is the family of Jack-Rich who described the news as ‘New style of attack after failed efforts.’
To be clear, a former presidential aide under the government of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the Publisher of Point Blank News, Mr. Jackson Ude, has accused the founder and president of Belema Oil, as well as founder of the Belema Aid Foundation, Mr. Tein T.S. Jack-Rich, of allowing Mr. Seyi Tinubu, son of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to have sexual relationship with his beautiful wife, Elizabeth Jack-Rich.

Family Speaks On Alleged Sexual Connections Between Tinubu’s Son And Billionaire Jack-Rich’s Wife
Former Reps Speaker, Gbajabiamila, Now Chief of Staff in the presidency

Mr. Ude also alleged that the billionaire businessman bribed former Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Chief of Staff to President Tinubu, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, with N500 million in order to be made a Minister in the new government.
The former presidential aide made the allegations on his Twitter handle, @jacksonpbn, where he is sure the world can read it.
Mr. Jackson Ude, who describes himself as investigative journalist and “hunter of corrupt politicians in Nigeria” claimed that Jack-Rich was propelled by his “desperation to be Minister”.
In a tweet entitled “Jack Rich desperation to be Minister turns his home to Seyi Tinubu’s sex den“, Ude claimed:
“Aside from dolling N500 million in bribe, the desperation of Jack Rich to be named a Minister in Bola Tinubu’s cabinet has also led to his wife, Elizabeth, allegedly having sexual relationship with Seyi Tinubu, son of the President, an insider source has revealed.
“Elizabeth and Jack Rich recently leased a mansion for ten years on Bayo Kuku Street, Ikoyi, where the sexual affairs allegedly takes place.
“Sources said as soon as Tinubu was named President, Jack Rich, his wife, Elizabeth and Seyi got very close. Jack encouraged Seyi to feel free to visit his house anytime and also see Elizabeth as his sister. Seyi took advantage of that, and began to lust and imagine Elizabeth’s beauty.
“He could not hold back. He puts a call through one a day Jack was in Abuja. She invited him over, according to a source who knows.
“As soon as he arrived, she told her maid to excuse them as she needs privacy to have an important political discussions. Her maid left. They were on the couch. The lights went off. The rest can be imagined.
“That was the first day. And it has not stopped till date. Both are secret lovers and Jack Rich has continued to encourage the friendship while lobbying Seyi to ensure he makes the ministerial list. His desperation to be Minister has no bounds.
“Elizabeth is alleged to have, while married to Jack-Rich, had extra marital affairs with a popular Monarch, two popular comedians, a Malian she flies into Ghana to meet, her neighbor and a host of other dignitaries.
There is receipts on this story. And it would follow in Part 2!”
See a screenshot of the tweet below:

Family Speaks On Alleged Sexual Connections Between Tinubu’s Son And Billionaire Jack-Rich’s Wife
The Screen shot

Jackson, in a subsequent tweet, dared the Jack-Riches to sue him to court and that he will produce evidence to back up his claims.
He tweeted:
“If you wan go court, hold your side well oooo. If you no get chest and you no hold your side well, collect your L and bury your head and swallow your shame ooo. If receipts no dey, we no dey drop bomb. More Arsenal loading…”
He later alleged that the two love birds “are deleting sexting text messages”, copies of which he already reportedly made.
He said:
“They are deleting sexting text messages I already collected. Madam Jack Rich, Oga Seyi, sorry oooo. Una came late. The matter go long like River Nile!”
Meanwhile, in an earlier tweet, Jackson Ude accused Jack-Rich of bribing Gbajabiamila with N500 million for a Ministerial position.
Titled “Jack Rich bribes Gbajabiamila with N500 million for ministerial position”, he tweeted:
“Jack Rich Tien, owner of Belema oil who is desperate to make Bola Tinubu’s Ministerial list, Sunday morning, traveled with N500 million in Dollar equivalent to Abuja to bribe the Chief of Staff to the President, Femi Gbajabiamila, for a Ministerial position.
“Jack Rich had the Dollar equivalent of N500 million which was the negotiated amount in cash with him inside the Max Air 9:am flight from Lagos to Abuja.
“Deolu, the younger brother of Gbajabiamila brokered the deal at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.
“Jack Rich, gave Bola Tinubu N1 billion during the campaign and wants a concrete assurances of a Ministerial position. He wants the Petroleum Ministry where he hopes to get oil lifting license.
“It is not immediately known if the cash would get to Gbajabiamila or end up in the pocket of his brother.”
See screenshot of the tweet below:

Family Speaks On Alleged Sexual Connections Between Tinubu’s Son And Billionaire Jack-Rich’s Wife
The Screen Shot

Only recently, the billionaire wife who is at the centre of this sexual allegation, Elizabeth, attracted the who is who in the social , economic and political circles to dinner party at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, to mark her 40th year on earth. This happened on Tuesday, May 23.
Probably sensing that the sexual allegation between Tinubu’s son and Elizabeth is orchestrating a dark spot on the family, High Chief I.J. Ibiwari, on Sunday, July 2, in a statement, signed on behalf of the family, debunked the allegation of sexual misconduct against their wife.
He stated that the accusers have taken up a new style of attack after the failure of previous efforts.
Ibiwari described the allegations in the media space as malicious fabrications, sponsored by political elements, to injure the future and integrity of his wife and their children.
He appealed to Nigerians to disregard the allegations against his family and those of other prominent Nigerians.
He stated, “With honour, we appreciate your understanding, and for detesting the avalanche of the most injuriously preposterous insult metted on the family by mischievous politicians.
“These miscreants’ only vision is to promote their likes, to stay in public office by any means, to continue to feed fat from what we produce as their spend, yet they have no respect for producers and employers of labour.
”Those who understand family as core, detest these type of political charlatans with satanic lifestyle because they have no respect for society with what they say,” the family said in the letter.
It also noted that those behind these attacks are just envious of Mrs Jack-Rich’s giant strides as a young woman.
”This is the climax of political desperation by desperadoes who want to forcefully enter a house they fought against.”
”Their vice style is attack to enter. Now they want to come inside the house by attacking those who are the builders of the house they once fought.
”Nigerians are watching with keenness what will become of this melancholy.
“The family described Mrs Jack Rich as a brave and intelligent woman and an asset to Nigeria.
“A beautiful mother to many countless families in her care.
“The family expresses its unflinching support for Mrs Jack-Rich in the face of any type of attack or provocation.”

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