Obiano’s Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant To Obiano, Chibuzo Osigwe, Supports Under-Privileged


 Executive Assistant to Obianor  on Community Liaison in Anambra State, Hon Amb Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick Osigwe, founder, Meljenstin Youth Empowerment Initiative, has been showing concerns towards the under-privileged. In this interview with OpenLife Nigeria’s Isaac Ngumah, she gives insight into her efforts to banish poverty from the enclave of the poor


First, give an insight into who you are?

I am Hon Amb Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick Osigwe, founder, Meljenstin Youth Empowerment Initiative, an NGO for the orphans, widows, physically challenged, aged and the disadvantaged youths.
Aside other things, I am passionately sold into humanitarian services . Touching lives is like a second nature to me. So, I truly love to assist the needy and watch lives transform positively. Currently I am working for my Governor, as executive assistant to  Obiano Willie , governor  of Anambra State  on Community Liaison aside being a professional public relations consultant and a sort after motivational speaker, an author among other things.

What is the classification of your NGO?

My NGO is empowerment inclined. We have programmes which come in different ways. We organize seminars and youth support conferences on “Say No To Drug Addiction” in all the secondary schools. It has always been massive and very challenging because drugs have been causing a lot of havocs in the society especially amongst our youths.
I organise “Stop Violence Against Children Campaign” and this has targeted both the parents, caregivers, schools and religious groups as well as the government.
We educate them on the needs of the children and what destroys their future and destinies. We organise the Prestigious Motivational Award which honours those who are selfless and supports the less privileged in the community and society at large. We have Miss Motivational Nigeria Brain Pageant. This project re orientates the young ladies and its a free form, free training, free camping, free feeding, free platform and a free crown pageant just to see that we raise young ladies with high morals, dignity and integrity.
I author motivational books and produce correctional and educative movies because every single person touched positively will touch about 50 in disguise. We have in the past done so many events to create awareness for the children living with down syndrome and raise funds for corrective surgeries for those who has multiple holes in the hearts. My NGO is into the physically challenged, the aged, the orphans and youths,. Meljenstin NGO is known for its initiative programmes, we have different empowerment that will touch lives for different aspect of people.
The Buzopat Charity Ball Community Outreach is where we pay school fees for the orphans, then we give wheel chairs and crutches to the physically challenged, we empower the widows with sewing machines, sealing machines, clothes, food stuffs, basically with a whole lot of things that they need most especially equipping them with skill trainings.
Most of youths are very intelligent but are disadvantaged from home. So, we encourage them to believe in themselves, to look out for the inherited abilities deposited in them, to think and stay positive. Most importantly, it makes me happy that lives are being touched positively.

What drives you?

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I always say grace. I can never stop because I believe that it is absolutely meaningless for you to hustle with aggressive mentality, pulling down and destroying people you would have loved, shown the way, helped and carried along, all in the name of money, power and position.
It gives me joy even though there are no straight reward in this but financial gain were never the attraction, most of the charity works I have carried out were done through self sustained efforts, family, fans and friends.

When did this start?

I have always been this way. Making sure people leave my side with smiles and fulfilled has been a thing about my life.
Irrespective of who and how you are, the burden you carry or the sorrow in your life, if you meet me, you will walk away differently. Everything is not about giving you so much money, most times you just meet somebody who will listen to you and hear you without judging you and who will hold your hands with patience, understanding and kindness and feel the amazing relief, your burdens will melt away and you will walk away free person. These I have always been doing. I always make sure that I don’t walk into a place where people are hungry and hide the little I have. It has never happened. So, it is a divine call and mandate that I run.

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Highlight your programmes in specific terms

I have the youths essay competition and awards for all secondary schools in Lagos and recently Anambra States.
I have been doing this since 2010 and more than 377 schools in Lagos State have benefitted. It is free, they have never paid a dime from local government. This is because education is the best gift you can give to anyone and the youths of any nation are their pride.
It a carrot and stick approach. We know the knowledge they have in their head cannot be taken away from them. Experience they say is the advanced form of knowledge. Reason we must seek to consistently put in practical use of what we know.
We put the carrot there in terms of financial reward because people are lazy to read but when they look at the money they are going to win as prize just for reading, they get serious. At times it is even the money that makes them challenge me in most local government that I have been to. Some of our youths are so intelligent but don’t gave themselves chance except when motivated, pushed, encouraged with opportunities.
We organise the youth essay competition in a way that it is not only the written essay that matters, you must do a compulsory open oral defence which has equal marks with the written essay. Written essay is not a true test of intelligence, you may have your father that is educated that can help you write the essay, some may come from where somebody can assist them but will not do that in oral defence. I don’t care how you have written it but ability for you to get to know it, stand before the panel of judges and defend every single thing is the reason I know that you have got it.

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How will you describe your self?

Hon Amb Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick Osigwe, founder, Meljenstin Youth Empowerment Initiative and governor Obiano’s Executive Assistant on Community Liaison is a clear, simple, funny, blunt, wise, caring and loving wisdom filled woman. She is a woman who put God first and allow Him direct her. That’s how I roll and this explains me.

What is Buzopat?

Buzopat stands for Bosslady, Unassuming, Zappy, Optimistic, Pretty, Articulate and Tenacious.( Buzopat)

What philosophical intuition do you offer those under you?

People from many walks of life around you like to function with” PAD” Panic And Discouragement. If you allow them to be successful with that, they then zero in for the kill. IF you let them. “Be smarter than the average bear.” You’re the captain of your ship.
Avoid people who are not happy when you succeed.
Jealousy is the last class to attend before becoming a witch.
If your money, personality, position and connection can not bribe death when it knocks without notice, then its time you sit down and humble yourself in totality.

Why are you called Adadioranma?

Adadioranma means a daughter that is good and loved by all. It was a name given to me by my town’s people because of humanitarian services I have rendered in different communities there to the glory of God.

Have you ever been honoured?

I have received over 100 awards including a lot of ambassadorial awards from solid and reputable organisations and still counting.



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