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Edo 2020: Fever grips PDP as Obaseki manipulates agent list

Edo 2020 governorship election’s fever may have eclipsed the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP’s camp.

The PDP’s candidate is said to be manipulating agents list using Government House instrumentalities.

A statement by All Progressives Congress, APC’s spokesman, Mr. John Mayaki on Monday gave credence to the information which was being discussed in hush tones.

According to Mayaki, Godwin Obaseki was caught trying to submit a ‘doctored’ agent list to INEC. The agent list was ‘doctored’ in Edo State Government House even though that exercise closed on September 5. On hand to perfect the manipulation were some parties he has been sponsoring,


 Mayaki named the parties as APM, ADP, NRM and Labour Party; parties the governor and his PDP had been sponsoring and working in cahoots with.

Mayaki said, “Whatever Obaseki hopes to achieve with his concert of losers is not clear.” He called on INEC to be alert to any election rigging mischief.

“Just two weeks to go, you could see the confusion in the Obaseki camp.  It is getting clear to them they will be thrashed on election day.  So, it’s electoral mischief galore, even of a most hare-brained kind. “How does one explain trying to smuggle in agents’ names when the exercise has closed?” He queried.

Mayaki said part of the Obaseki confusion was the antics of Anselm Ojezua, who still parades himself as “APC chairman”, when Obaseki, his master and sponsor, had defected to PDP.

“There is no solution to a delusion of grandeur!  Which APC is Ojezua chairing?  The one corralled by the PDP ‘task collectors’  — to use the words of Rivers State Governor Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, who should know — or the Edo APC, which formidable campaign is throwing Obaseki and his PDP hustlers and opportunists into blind panic?”

But the party said the confusion in the Obaseki camp was not surprising, saying such would be expected of a party without grassroots support.

According to Mayaki, “Each passing day, you would hear them groan and cry, and do things real crazy.  But so would you, if you knew you were set for a total and comprehensive electoral hiding.  That is the fate of Edo PDP,” the APC campaign spokesman declared, adding that “ill luck is not transferable!”

All this, however, is coming just less than two weeks to the Edo 2020 election.

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