Divorce In $700 Million Mansion

Divorce In $700 Million Mansion: Netizens Speak On The Alakija’s Separation

Divorce In $700 Million Mansion

OpenLife Nigeria reports that internet users, often described as netizens, are speaking on probable reasons for the devastating marital crises between Mrs Folorunsho Alakija and her husband Modupe.


According to information, Folorunsho Alakija, a minister of the gospel and mother of four who is also Nigeria’s wealthiest woman, has allegedly separated from her husband, Modupe.


And this is happening after over 30 years of marital bliss and just at the twilight of their marriage where they have been living together in a $700 million Ikoyi mansion, described as the most expensive house in Nigeria.

The businessman allegedly, no longer spends cold nights in the arms of his wife on their matrimonial bed in their highbrow Ikoyi, Lagos home. The couple were alleged to have been having frequent squabbles which allegedly necessitated the wealthy woman to demand utmost privacy in her home.

Divorce In $700 Million Mansion: Netizens Speak On The Alakija's Separation
The multi million Naira Ikoyi mansion where they have been living before the said divorce

He is said to have been forced to seek accommodation elsewhere and now allegedly lives alone within the same Ikoyi neighbourhood.

Sources reveal that it has not all been smooth sailing for the couple these past few years and they have allegedly been forced to put up a united front because of their status in the society.

In a somewhat indirect response to the raging issues, the former fashion designer and founder of FAMFA Oil Limited, an Oil and gas exploration business has shared a cryptic post on social media amidst rumours that her 30-year-old marriage to husband Modupe Alakija has hit the rocks.

Folorunsho wrote in a post on her verified X handle on Monday: “Your heart will not be broken by evil-doers. Negativity will not break your heart. The enemies will not break your heart. Nothing shall threaten your peace. You will have peace in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Your peace will be all around and intact.”

Folorunsho who is the group managing director of The Rose of Sharon Group and the executive vice chairman of Famfa Oil Limited, according to Forbes magazine, is worth over $1 billion amassed from the oil and gas sector.

Reacting to the development to a piece in an online platform, P&C Nigeria News Updates, Alhaji Dahiru Umar Mlf wrote:

The whole life is ephemeral, transient, nothing lasts forever, you can’t live forever, better reconcile with your husband for the sake of your 4 kids.

Adamudogara Mahmud followed the comment line by saying: The whole marriage drama centred on fake love and extreme capitalism. I’m sure she had already secured a fine and handsome young man to carry her along. Whatever it is. God is wiser than anyone. Only time will reveal the truth.

Odia Godfrey said: Because she is rich she throws her husband out after thirty years of marriage, GOD have mercy oooooo. They cannot spend a dime for the poor and they cannot carry it to heaven either.

Adding his voice, Obigbesan Olufemi Kehine said: Money can do all things but is not everything. Madam, no matter what, you could have remained with your husband. After 30 years? Does it mean you capitalize on his glory to be rich? Now you’ve achieved your target, you do away with him. I cannot understand…


While Kboy Dashe said: Where is she going with the house? Maybe if die self her people May end up selling the house

Akinfenwa Idowu sees the humongous wealth as: Vanity upon vanity. If you die remember you are going to be  buried in the ground oo.

And Felix Aiyanyor goes spiritual: In everything, let give thanks to God, because he gives us power to make our wealth KJV. A sick person can not do business or manage an organisation. My sister in Christ Jesus, this is to inform you that the Church is praying for you and your family.…

Divorce In $700 Million Mansion: Netizens Speak On The Alakija's Separation
Mr and Mrs Alakija in a  lovely mood before the said divorce

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