Desist from vitriolic attacks on Adukwei—– GaDangmes warn

The Ga-Dangme of Ghana,  descendant of the Israeli tribes of Gad and Dan, have warmed anti government agents to desist from attacking the electoral commissioner on issues that border on new Voter’s Register .

The Electoral Commission of Ghana is an independent body solely mandated by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana to see to all public elections.

The 2020 election in December has brought up many concerns with regards to preparations towards the election.

President  Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo, proposed that a new Voter’s Register should be compiled for the upcoming election.

However, some citizens, particularly members of the opposition party, NDC, have opposed to that move by the Electoral Commission for a register.

The matter is yet to be determined by the Supreme Court of Ghana.

Some citizens have decided to use this situation to attack the person and integrity of the Electoral Commissioner, Madam, Jean Naa Adukwei Mensa.

Gadangmes have shown their displeasure of the current situation and have risen to the defence of the Electoral boss saying

“As GaDangmes with the interest of our sister and daughter at heart, we feel concerned and alarmed that an important national debate such as this has been turned into a crass and a vile campaign with unnecessary threats being issued against the person of the Electoral Commissioner, Madam Jean Naa Adukwei Mensa.

This situation does not augur well for the best interest of governance and the democratic culture we are seeking to build in Ghana, our motherland.

We therefore urge all to desist from these vitriolic attacks with immediate effect”.

In that regard, the GaDangmes have resolved to the defence of their own and to extend a word of caution to the trouble makers of our land, that they should be very wary about tarnishing the dignity and integrity of Naa Adukwei Mensa.

“GaDangmes will not sit aloof and watch these enemies of peace continue to attack her personality” they said.

According to the GaDangmes group, they recently witnessed the bombastic threats issued against her life by one Apostle Kwabena Owusu Agyei.

It is reassuring to note that the Ghana Police Service has swiftly dealt with that matter, and they are confident that the cause of justice will prevail.

We wish to state categorically that GaDangmes will not countenance or tolerate such irresponsible threats and the defamation of character projected on the EC.

The New Patriotic Party GaDangme Global Support, comprising of all GADANGME home and in the diaspora assured that they are strongly behind the EC at all times and that she should carry out her work in peace and with no fear.

Although this is a matter of National interest, it is right that GaDangmes have shown this level of support to the Electoral boss, as it is mandated to handle this delicate exercise to elect the “First Man of the Land.

Let us all desist from violent and go through the right protocols and procedures to get our grievances heard.

We all have a role to play for justice and the rule of law to prevail in our country.

God bless our homeland Ghana and may we continue to be the beacon of Democracy in Africa and across the globe,” they said.

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