COP26 Conference

COP26 Conference: Global Heating Threatens Asia

COP26 Conference
OpenLife Nigeria has gathered that as the United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, holds in Glasgow, energy crisis grips much of the world, reinforcing countries’ relationship with fossil fuels and challenging the short-term viability of renewable power sources.
At the moment, negotiations among nations are geared towards flipping that paradigm on its head.
Specifically, Asia’s efforts to hit international greenhouse gas emission targets have come under pressure from powerful industry lobbies, fossil fuel dependence and lack of investment in renewable energy sources in poor countries.
The trio of problems has loomed ever larger as the region grapples with energy shortages and price rises in the run-up to COP26, the crucial United Nations climate conference that started from Sunday in Glasgow, Scotland.
While many of the obstacles facing Asia are also seen in other parts of the world, its difficulties are unusually varied. The region’s size, energy-intensive industries and stark wealth gaps make it a bellwether for the actions needed to meet decarbonization goals.
To this effect, Japanese automakers are reluctant to bet on electric vehicles, along with Indonesia’s coal habit and Taiwan’s struggles to balance its high-tech and low-carbon ambitions.

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