Confusion As Stripper

Confusion As Stripper Entertains Army Personnel

Confusion As Stripper Entertains Army Personnel

OpenLife Nigeria has gathered that a nursing home identified as Taoyuan Veterans Home in Taiwan has apologised after hiring a half-naked stripper to entertain aged army pensioners.
The Sun reports that the stripper performed a vulgar dance in the state-run facility for retired army personnel.
While referring to the incident, the report said the woman was paid to entertain 12 wheelchair-bound retirees.
In a clip, the woman dressed in glistening red and black underwear and heels, and seen twirling along to the music while the elated pensioners clapped to the beat.
It also reveals a member of staff in the facility seemed to film and even encouraged the stripper as she gave one senior citizen a lap dance.
She also spread her legs before allowing the elated aged man to touch her breasts and lap.
However, the facility faced backlash over the footage and was compelled to apologise for the reckless care home party.
The staff said they “deeply regret” the incident that happened just three days before the region’s annual harvest festival which was on Monday.

Confusion As Stripper
They said they wanted to raise spirits after two previous Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations had been cancelled due to the flu pandemic.
Moreover, the nursing home spokesman said that the stripper’s actions were “too enthusiastic and fiery,” adding that personnel would be “more cautious” when planning events in the future.
The spokesman said: “The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offence that was caused.”


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