Come to Satguru Maharaji Village and be healed of Covid-19—–Maharaji

Sat Guru Mahara Ji, the founder of the One Love Family, has given open invitation to whoever has been affected by Covid-19 to come to the Mahara Ji Village at kilometre 10, Ibadan /Lagos Expressway in Oluyole Local Government Area in Ibadan, Oyo State for healing. The invitation also extends to those who have not been affected but need safety from the dreaded virus to come to the village for refuge including those intending to self – isolate for fear of contracting Corona Virus.

Maharaji Ji disclosed this on March 28  at a press conference held at universal headquarters of One Love Family in Iju, Lagos.

The spiritual leader reiterated his earlier submission on March 21 that the coronavirus “is  dead and buried” saying it remains dead and buried and therefore, there is no need to further close down of offices, schools, markets and business centres because of the virus.

He said, all that is needed is to create more awareness, encourage and empower Nigerians to get enough garlic, ginger and pepper; grind them together, boil and take a shot in the morning, afternoon and evening.

“Hence the panic measures so far taken by government across the world that have crippled socio-economic, political and cultural activities are uncalled for and should be reversed. This is because the great light is here to dispel darkness in all its ramifications within seconds. The negative impact of these negatives on our lives is because we are not listening to Him because this shows clearly that religious rites and rituals, holy ghost fire, spiritual rivals through crusades and prayer warriors have all failed man.”

Advising the Nigerian government, he said “all imported items from abroad meant to check the spread of Corona Virus in Nigeria should not be put to use for now, again, all categories of imported goods from abroad must be thoroughly screened. Equally, the importation of second hand clothing materials must stop.”

He further advised that “the light is here and there is the need for us to look inward on how to tackle the spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria because it is morally wrong for us to depend on countries to of Corona Virus origin for assistance on how to manage the scourge.”

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According to him, there is urgent imperative for man to change his attitude to life, if he actually desires to be part of this creation. For lovers and the pure hearted whose life are based on don’t commit sin, corona Virus is a ruse.

 Satguru Maharaji identified hatred, greed and struggle to gain supremacy as  the probable cause of the Covid-19 saying that the tendency to hide the true original and potent holy name has stunned global peace, unity, progress and harmony with nations rising against each other.

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