Christ Embassy Inferno: We Will Build A Better One—Chris Oyakhilome

Christ Embassy Inferno

OpenLife Nigeria reports that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, founder of Christ Embassy church, which got burnt on Sunday, June 23, has assured that he would build a better church auditorium.
Below is his statement

Christ Embassy Inferno
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


(Pastor addresses the LCA fire situation)

When something like this happens don’t be moved one bit. Move beyond it. Instead of debating the cause, move beyond it..we are not like this world. We don’t reason like this world. Was I surprised? No. Not even the slightest surprise. 
When something like this happens, we have to remember that we are not of this world. 
Every single day, God protects us. He protects everything that he give us with his glory and his grace. Everyday his angels are with us. 
We cannot think for a moment that God somehow is blaming us because that would mean “so what was He doing?”
Was he there? Were his angels there? Of course. 
Everyday, God protects us from every evil.
There is so much evil trying to come to us everyday…a lot that we don’t see or know about, but he protects and delivers us. .
When you are sleeping, you don’t know what happens,, yet God takes care of us. 
So, when something bad like this happens, you praise and thank him as you would have done if it didn’t happen. Thank him all the same. 
Why? Because you understand how He thinks. 
Every opportunity, Every thing that happens in your life is for a greater glory.
So our thinking should not be “What a great loss”. 
We built that with everything we knew up until that time. We will build a bigger and better one.
God just gives us an opportunity to do something about it. 
We will clear up the place and build a better one. 
Let the devil lick his wounds.  
We must look at life from the spiritual. 
This is not what you call an accident. 
We are not ordinary people. We are helped All the time. 
So, everything that happens in your life is on plan. There is no accident to the child of God. 
Don’t ask God why.. Just say “Thank you Lord Jesus”.

So what are you going to do? Act! Give into it!

Make sure to giveva donation to LCA… your cell, family, company… Do it. 

As cell leaders, soul winning is utmost in your to life. 
Matthew 28:18-20
How beautiful are these words. 
If you’ve heard the term “The great commission”, this is where it comes from. 
Saints of God have used that term from several generations. 
We have a commission to take the message of Christ to all the world.. All nations. 
Then, he said to Baptize them in the name of the Father, the son and the holy Ghost…That means Jesus. 
Teach them to observe the same things Jesus passed to us. 

Mark 16:15-18
How could anybody read these words and not be moved?
V19- and they (the disciples) preached everywhere. They went forth.
Personalize it: I got forth , preaching everywhere for the Lord is with me.
You are to preach the word, His own is to confirm with signs.

Luke 24:26
Something beautiful here is this.
Matthew: He told us to go and teach everyone all things whatsoever he commanded us
Mark: He told us to preach the gospel 
Luke talked about the CONTENT of the message you are to preach and teach. 
Remember Luke stated that many had written already but he was writing having had perfect understanding of those things that pertain to Jesus. 
…That repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among All nations. .
That was significant. 
Preach the gospel to every creature.
Teach All nations.

How come the disciples felt they should keep it among the Jews? Maybe they thought they would find Jews in every nation.

Thank God it was the Same Luke that gave us the book of Acts.
In Acts 15, they finally settled the Fact that the gospel was to go to all nations.

Luke 24:49-52
Bethany was the Date place. It was significant. 
How would you have felt if you had been there that day when Jesus Levitated after you had seen him crucified, buried and resurrected. You had even eaten with him. 
(There are still people that believe Jesus escaped and never got crucified on the cross)
V53: They returned praising and blessing God. 
How do you bless God? 
Blessing the Lord is thanking Him. You give thanks to God. 
Same thing with Praise 
How do you praise? With words of thanks. 

When you are thanking him, you can lift your hands. 
Lifting of the hands is part of worship. 
E.g. when you pray, you can kneel. Why do we do that? It’s part of your homage.

So, take the message everywhere, knowing that he is with you even until the end of the age. 

I did tell you that you need to modify the church services. The structure of Sunday services a lot of times is based on what the Pastor is acquainted with. 
I’m advocating for certain changes. 
We will be doing the will of God which is very vital. 
Once the changes are made, make sure you follow. 

For those in LCA:
Look at the building and don’t cry
We have God’s grace in massive abundance

Pastor Chris

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