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Beko Ransome-Kuti Lecture: Solve insurgency, Kidnapping, Economic Hardship, CDHR Tells Tinubu


Beko Ransome


OpenLife Nigeria reports that the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights reflects on the legacies and Ideologies of the pioneer President Dr. Beko Ransome – Kuti (BRK) eighteen years down the lane in a lecture titled “Insecurity as a major threat to good governance. ”

The keynotes Speakers include the National President CDHR, Comrade Debo Adeniran, Barr. Malachy Ugwummadu, Commissioner of Police Lagos State Command CP Adegoke Ayoade among other discussants.

The menace of insurgency, kidnapping for ransome, banditry, ritual killings will be focused as it affect delivery of good governance in Nigeria and possible way outs.

One of the legacies of Late BRK was the struggle for freedom and emancipation of Nigerian people from the hands of the oppressors right from the military junta up to civilian dispensation. Many of his agitations that were left unattended to by the successive governments in Nigeria later turn to problems the country is battling with up to the present time.

Late BRK led the campaign for the Democracy CD to pave way for rule of law, enjoyment of various freedoms by Nigerian people, good governance and decent living.

One of his key struggles under CD was the face-off he had with the military autocrats which later send them packing to pave way for Democracy in Nigeria.

He led the country in massive pro-democracy protest to de annuled the June 12, 1993 election following annulment by the military dictatorship.

The country is currently facing the repercussions of what Late BRK had been calling their attentions to ranging from sound education, decent living, respect for human dignity and the likes.

The children of the northern Nigeria who had no access to enjoy basic rights in the years back took to streets and take up arms for survival becoming threat to the whole country.

The categories of those people were recruited in to Boko Haram groups which later metamorphosis in to different killer groups.

Also, the negligence of the Federal government to curb farmers/herders’ clashes led to killing of hundreds of people and increase in the upsurge of brutal killing by the insurgents, kidnappers, armed bandits.

Many school girls were kidnapped as well as foreign expatriates.

Late BRK also fought against illegal detentions of many Nigerians particularly the activities who stood their ground for good governance and rule of law.

Fighting against disobedience to different courts orders and calling for sanity in the country.

Many Actors in the struggle for freedom and good governance in Nigeria took after the Ideologies of the Late BRK and continued from his terminus such as Late Gani Fawehinmi, Femi Falana SAN among others who continue to hold the jugular of various government to return the country to the good old days.

In an attempt to revive the legacies of the Late BRK by CDHR, many activities and publications have been organised to check various governments at all levels preaching the gospel of freedom and good governance. It includes:
1. Nigeria: Non-Governmental or and Democracy June 1997
2. Human rights Education Manual November 1997
3. Kudirat Abiola: A martyr for Justice January 1998
4. Nigerian Students and the Challenges of Leadership July 1998
5. Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Crises of the Nigerian State November 1998
6. Boiling Point: A publication addressing problems from Oil Communities March 2000
7. Nigeria: Confronting the Siege January 2019.

CDHR, however, calls on the federal government led by Ahmed Bola Tinubu to as a matter of urgency fix the country to ease the lives of Nigerian people by ending insurgency, banditry, kidnapping for ransome, arm robbery, ritual killings and other present economic challenges facing the country such as hyper inflation, low productivity, poverty and intensify true war of anti corruption.

o Ransome-Kuti Lecture: Solve insurgency, Kidnapping Economic Hardship, CDHR Tells Tinubu

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