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Bank Staff Allegedly Connive With Fraudsters

Bank staff are allegedly aiding fraud
OpenLife Nigeria reports that there are several indications that bank staff members are aiding fraudulent activities.
This belief stems from the relative ease with which individuals accounts are hacked by fraudsters and huge sum of money withdrawn.
Relying on different narratives, fraudsters who pose as bankers make calls to customers revealing specific details about the customers’ account.
Whenever the unsuspecting customers is lured into releasing the ATM code, then the account is hacked and that begins free withdrawal.
But how is this possible?
An intelligent officer attached to Lagos State Police Command told OpenLife Nigeria that “ Those things are not possible with insider collaboration. Most of the bank staff who are also criminally minded work in sync with yahoo yahoo boys. They release customers’ exact details for such fraudulent actions to be successfully hatched,” the Deputy Superintendent of Police stated.
However, there are instances where customers could be careless with ATM pin. But such such instances are rare.
A narrative obtained from the face book wall of Julian Francis, a journalist with New Telegraph news paper titled:.
“At 1:30pm yesterday, March 30, I got a phone call from 08148292037 who claimed to be Mr Benjamin from First Bank Nigeria Plc, Abuja. He gave my full names, BVN number, Date of Birth, my Alert phone number, which he called, also the 5 digit number I used to create my FBN mobile bank app.
He said that one Mr Usman created a Union Bank account and is trying to move money from my FBN account to the Union Bank. He claimed he stopped the transaction and is trying to verify if I authorised such transaction, which is the reason I have not gotten any debit Alert.
I asked him to go ahead to block the transaction, for I didn’t authorise any online transaction.
He then asked if I gave my ATM card to anyone or used my ATM recently, I said NO.
He then asked if I have my ATM card with me, and demanded that I should read out the ATM digit numbers to enable him stop the transaction. I told him that he had already stopped the transaction, and have gotten a clarification from me, which is enough to enable him block whatever that needs to be blocked, if he is truly a first bank staff.
As I refused to call out the numbers, he then asked isn’t this is the first 5 numbers? He then asked what’s the next number? I told him that I will never read out my number to who claimed to be FBN`s staff over the phone, that I will rather go to any First Bank office & complain. He asked me if he is a ghost and not a FBN staff to get all my details.
As I pissed him off by not budging in, he switched off the phone.
An alert came in, as I checked the message on my phone, there was already a message from Union Bank, showing Account opening Authentication numbers 872395, 973392.
I quickly rushed to FBN. The Customer care personnel asked me not to bother about anything, so long as I didn’t read out those numbers to him nor gave him my ATM pin or the three digits number at the back of my ATM card.
Please be guided. My people, it is so real and convincing that I believe some fraudulent bank staff connive with these DIE HARD HOOLIGANS to dupe innocent customers.
Please share widely ASAP.
I have shared this to you. You too can save someone by sharing. This is true. Just be at alert. Fraudsters are tactical. Don’t be a victim.Beware.”

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