Award Of Lies

Award Of Lies, Betrayal, Pretence For Everest Ozonweke {Onowu} On June 15, 2024 By Ndigbo In Lagos At Calabar Hall, Surulere

Award Of Lies

OpenLife Nigeria reports that Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Lagos, in this interview, requests Onowu Everest Ozonweke, to seek an employment in this early 2024 and desist from dissipating energies on blackmail, an attitude Aguene describes as doing harms to the progress of Ohanaeze Ndigbo adding that Onowu merits an award in lies

Sir, in a recent response, Everest Ozonweke said that there are plans to ostracize you from Ohanaeze Ndigbo activities. How do you feel about this?

Well, if you have mentioned a serious name, the answer would have been difficult for me.
But there is nothing like that.

Onowu Everest Ozonweke is only trying to impress Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, the President General, Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide and deceive people.

That is why we, Ndigbo, decide to give Onowu an award on June 15, 2024 being Saturday by Ndigbo In Lagos at Calabar Hall, Surulere , Lagos

Everest Onowu can only deceive people who are not from Igbo tribe. His words are as fake as some shinning products that always deceive the importers and consumers. Anything you hear from Onowu Everest Ozonweke is fake.

If you want to know how Onowu betrayed Ekene Ajuwan, Eze Ndigbo in Olorunda, Badagry and an Anambra billionaire,

Chief Thompson Ohia who brought him into Ohanaeze for the first time, Joe Nwogu, former secretary general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Fabian Onwughalu, Leo Okafor {Oba Ojoto} Chief Solomon Ogbonna, Sunday Ossai etc, they are all alive. You can visit them and find out.

For example, after Sunday Ossai defeated him in their kangaroo election, Onowu went back and worked with him. Whenever Onowu had a meeting with Sunday Ossai, he would come and reveal it to me. Thereafter, he would take my discussions with him to Sunday Ossai.

That is how cunny and deceitful he can be and that is why it is a merit award for Everest Ozonweke.
I congratulate him for this award. Nobody can beat his betrayal network system especially when it comes to hurting those that helped him. It is in his nature. He can’t help himself.

If you visit any of these names listed above and find out that what I have said is not the truth, then the award will be withdrawn the way the letter of south west co ordinator he was parading on social media was withdrawn from him, Onowu.

As I have always said, I am so happy with late Professor George Obiozor who understood Onowu’s tricks quickly.

Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu is an intelligent man. He already knows how fake Everest is. That is why he is managing him as a driver and also as his Google map in Lagos through a diplomatic approach as a leader and elder statesman.

Uptill date, Onowu doesn’t know where the withdrawal of the letter of south west co ordinator of Ohanaeze Ndigbo came from and he has never asked. That is to tell you how cheap he is.

Award Of Lies, Betrayal, Pretence For Everest Ozonweke {Onowu} On June 15, 2024 By Ndigbo In Lagos At Calabar Hall, Surulere
L-R: Onowu Everest Ozonweke and Chief Nwanyanwu, Ohanaeze President General

So, Everest Ozonweke {Onowu} is not a south west co ordinator of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.
Even nobody will make Ozonweke a provost. Let Ozonweke show the communique or video or the date where the south west co ordinator was discussed in NEC meeting of Ohanaeze National, Enugu before it was approved.

I am very sorry for those women he is deceiving with his fake life time and time. I am very happy for Chief Iwuanyanwu for understanding Everest Onowu so fast. If not, they could have announced him and he would have disgraced whoever announced him because of the blunders he would commit with that position even though it is a sub committee.

My sincere joy is that Ozonweke knows that everything I am saying about him is the truth.
In his conscience, he knows that defending anything I say about him is just to deceive people who don’t know him.

What he said is like someone saying he wants to ostracize President Bola Tinubu with his Supreme Court judgement in Nigeria.

So, Ozonweke’s aim is to draw people’s sympathy to Iwuanyanwu when there is nothing wrong with Iwuanyanwu so that people will think that he is serving.

But he is already known by a lot of people as a green snake under the green grass. Can you see how dangerous Everest Onowu is? Even Chief Iwaunyanwu will be laughing at Everest Ozonweke because he knows that Onowu is too small to draw him into a fight of insult.

The day Onowu apologized to me in Calabar hall in the presence of over 2000 members, he said he was very sorry for all the lies he has been lying against me. He also said that he will change.

At least, those who attended the meeting the day Onowu confessed to some of his wrong doings in Ohanaeze will easily recall this from their memory. Ozonweke is a clown. Anyway, he has no job.
What he does is to find personalities he will be pestering on so that he can be moving around with them to eat buffet.

He will also present himself as a good driver to take over the position of the person’s driver whenever there are occasions, or events to attend just to convince people that he is so close to the personality he is driving at that moment.

I am talking from experience and not politics. People know me that I say things the way they are.

Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu already knows now that if he is going to visit personalities and Everest Ozoweke is going with him, he is reducing the respect that people are going to give him including financial supports.

Example, most of the achievements in the Lagos visit which Onowu led were buffet and handshakes which are not supposed to be. As we all know, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has no allocations.

It is by individual supports. So, nobody can even think of ordinary suspension for one day in view of what I have done for Ndigbo.

Where, I, Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, have placed Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos, is an unbeatable record, till date.

In no distant time, I will compile all the videos where Onowu was giving testimonies about my quality leadership and what I have done for Ndigbo just like the way Oshiomhole was saying good things about Obaseki and later changed when Obaseki left APC to PDP. That is an example of what Onowu is doing now.

In the issue of Ohanaeze, the only person that can talk to me and I will listen to handover to anyone is Charles Odunukwe, {Chardon.} The reason is that what Charles Odunukwe has sacrificed for Ndigbo in Lagos State is worthy of emulation and I will continue to appreciate him.

I pray that in no distant time, he will be the governor of Anambra State. By that time, south east governors forum will speak with one voice and that is where Ndigbo will begin to enjoy the dividends of democracy in full.

Odunukwe is a billionaire in all currencies. I think government needs him more than he needs government especially Ndigbo. I love his mind of sacrifice to people. That is what is triggering me to be talking about him all the time positively in my interviews.

If Charles Odunukwe is given the co ordinator of South West Ohanaeze Ndigbo and he accepts it, Ndigbo should just choose a day to do thanksgiving in church because peace will reign in Ohanaeze Ndigbo and I will support him because I have the contacts both in government and in the circle of personalities that matter in Igbo extraction.

Then, the short period of Chief Iwuanyanwu as President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide will be better than any other President General because with two of us in Lagos, {Chief Solomon and Odunukwe} and other personalities two of us are going to bring into Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Ohanaeze Ndigbo will be greater than what it used to be and everybody will enjoy the association.

Everest Ozonweke is just an empty vessel in terms of leadership. First, he is a liar and a hungry man and he has no contact. He has no conscience also as far as he can eat and take photographs with personalities, then go to novels to pick some quotes and place them under the photographs and post on social media. That is his priority.

Anyone who likes Onowu Everest Ozonweke should advise him to go and look for a job in this 2024, at least, a driving job.

As a liar, he will tell you that he is the CEO of Ozo Global Logistics limited and if you ask him again what do you people do ? He will tell you that they export firewood with Chinese people and import human hair from China.

Ask him his office address, if he wants to be honest with you, he will tell you that it is Ohanaeze secretariat in Surulere.

If you book an appointment to see him, he will go to the street to receive you and take you straight to Tantalizer, Marshall, Surulere as his head office and lies continue.

Sometime, when I think of Onowu, I will be laughing for 10 minutes especially the way he deceived all the former chairmen of Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by my good friend, John Paul Nwaka, former chairman of all chairmen, someone I appointed who turned back to work against me through the handiwork of Everest Onowu.

Award Of Lies, Betrayal, Pretence For Everest Ozonweke {Onowu} On June 15, 2024 By Ndigbo In Lagos At Calabar Hall, Surulere
L-R: Chief Iwuanyanwu, President Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide and Charles Odunukwe, a man with a generous heart towards Ndigbo and humanity

With Charles Odunukwe, Ohanaeze Ndigbo will get it right. All the criminals terrorizing Ohanaeze Ndigbo will run away. Chief Iwuayanwu, over to you.

Comparing Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, President Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Lagos State with a High Court judgment and Certified True Copy till June 18, 2026, with Everest Ozonweke is like walking from Lagos to Sahara desert. That is the difference.



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