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Attack On Amazon Over 2.5 Billion Amazing Headquarters


Attack on Amazon as social media enthusiasts get angry over 2.5 billion amazing headquarters

OpenLife Nigeria reports that there is ongoing attack on Amazon for budgeting humongous sum into building a new headquarters in Virginia., Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington, which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.
Reports have it that the global technology film has unveiled its new plans for a $2.5 billion headquarters in Arlington County, Virginia and this has generated attack on Amazon.
According to findings, the site’s focal point will be The Helix, a tree-covered glass structure where a series of alternative work environments will be set amid indoor gardens and greenery.
“We’re doing a lot on the site to connect people to nature,” said lead architect and NBBJ principal, Dale Alberda. The entire headquarters is expected to run on renewable energy generated at a solar farm approximately 200 miles away in southern Virginia. However, this development has infuriated social media enthusiast who have taken to their various platforms to unleash their anger on Amazon.
First is bellagreymg who says “That’s ugly.” But clajac75 sees it differently saying “With the money they save not paying taxes this should be a steal.”

waldmanjordan stated that “This would have looked nice in the Toronto area!”
To heavenly4angel “This looks like something out of a weird Sci Fi movies. I hope this doesn’t make traffic worst going up 95. It’s already horrible.”


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