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Arravo Technology Exposes Values Of Artificial Intelligence To Human Efforts

Arravo Technology

OpenLife Nigeria reports that Arravo, a Cloud Computing, IoT and leading global systems integrator and managed services provider with wide footprint of operations in Africa, has exposed the values of Artificial Intelligence to human efforts across strata.

Speaking at the May 2024 breakfast forum organized by the Nigeria-South Africa Chamber of Commerce,N-SCC, Eunice King, Vice President, Digital Transformation & Innovation, Arravo Technology Ltd, underscored the importance of Artificial Intelligence in navigating the complex corridors of business and enterprise through a quote from Jeff Bezos of Amazon “There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt will fail.”

Eunice King who spoke on a theme: “The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Transformation,” pointed out that the key areas where AI drives digital transformation include but not limited to:

“Big data processing with use case in Google analytics; Industry Specific in health where AI has been used for early detection of eye diseases from retinal scans & IBM Watson used by Oncologist for personalized treatments as well as Finance where “JPMorgan Chase’s AI-driven Contract Intelligence (COiN) platform reviews and extracts important data points, saving thousands of hours of manual work.”

Eunice King, who defined Artificial intelligence as computer systems that are capable of performing tasks traditionally associated with human intelligence, further explained in her presentation that “Retail Walmart’s use of AI for optimizing supply chain operations and inventory management has reduced overstock and out-of-stock issues.”

She stressed that “ Auto mobile Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) Improving vehicle safety and moving towards the goal of fully autonomous vehicles.”

Eunice King who has over 27 years industry experience in IT operations added that “manufacturing Siemens AI-enhanced Automation has improved efficiency with predictable maintenance in manufacturing processes and reduced downtime.”

Earlier, in his welcome remarks, chairman, Nigeria-South Africa Chamber of Commerce, Osayaba Giwa-Osagie, SAN, encouraged the distinguished audience to brace up with Artificial intelligence to enhance the capacity, productivity and profitability of their enterprise.

Arravo Technology Exposes Values Of Artificial Intelligence To Human Efforts
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