Anxiety Over

Anxiety Over 100-Floor Audacity Skyline In Lagos

Anxiety over 100-floor Audacity Skyline

OpenLife Nigeria reports that palpable anxiety has enveloped the Lagos landscape following the commencement of the development of a project called “The Audacity Skyline,” a 100-floor that will be a mixed-use high-rise in Eko Atlantic City, Lagos State.
The anxiety over the innovative building is not unconnected with the loss of confidence in building engineers especially in high-rise housing projects arising from the immediate loss of innumerable souls in a collapsed 21-story building under construction last week in Ikoyi, Lagos.
The collapsed building raised lots of credibility questions on the supervisory roles of government regulatory agencies as well as construction engineers who have perfected tactics of using sub-standard materials in constructing high-rise buildings with the aim to maximize profits.
It was against this backdrop that a concerned retired permanent secretary in the federal civil service expressed fears in the intentions of a real estate firm, Landwey Investment Limited, to commence the construction of the 100-Floor Audacity Skyline.
“Government must live up to its task and the building regulatory agencies must also properly scrutinize this proposed 100-floor building on Victoria Island. They must be sure that every segment meets the required standards because we are tired of losing innocent souls,” he stated.
The retiree who does not want his name mentioned told OpenLife in the early Saturday conversation that “Using substandard materials in construction whether residential or commercial houses and road construction is another form of terrorism which government must pay attention to,” he advised.
The Chief Executive Officer of the real estate company, Olawale Ayelara, has stated that the project is an architectural masterpiece that would feature tastefully finished residential with pent-houses, commercial spaces and multi-level parking designated area.
The proposed tower will be seated on 3,500 square metres of land space and is expected to start in August 2022 to be completed in a two-year period.


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