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Anselm Njoku Has Slapped Uche Dimgba,‘Okpetemba’ In A Kangaroo Election In The Name Of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos

Anselm Njoku has dealt a deadly blow on  Uche Dimgba,‘Okpetemba’ in a Kangaroo election conducted in the name of Ohanaeze Ndigbo  Lagos

In the face of a Lagos Ohanaeze Ndigbo kangaroo election, conducted by Uche Dimgba, {Okpetemba} and his allies to orchestrate crises in Lagos Ohanaeze, Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene says he remains President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State for another four years from this year 2022 to year 2026. In this narratives made available to OpenLife, President Solomon Ogbonna exposes the shenanigan of those behind the evil plots and in the process, cautions against activities that will derail the welfare programmes he has initiated for Lagos Ndigbo with active supports from the government of the day led by His Excellency, governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu
Uche Dimgba {Okpetemba}, recently tried all his tricks to defeat Anselm Njoku in a kangaroo election against court judgement but it was impossible.
Njoku is smarter than Okpetemba. Njoku will convince everyone that he just had a crucial meeting with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban. His ways of presentation will convince everyone.
I love Njoku because there are no harms in his stories but he only polishes it with sugar coated mouth.
And that is the techniques he used to slap Okpetemba.
So, today, we can see that Njoku knows how to deal with a 419 like Okpetemba. No matter how long Okpetemba has lasted in the business, Njoku has treated his fuck up.
At the end, Njoku still showed Okpetemba how superior and acceptance he is to the people than him.
I know by now, Okpetemba must have started begging Njoku telling him that they should work together so that Chief Solomon Ogbonna will not come close.
But I, Chief Solomon Ogbonna laughs, just laughs.
Okpetemba will come as a brother, a partner and long time friend.
Though he has started showing loyalty to Njoku to know the angle he will would come again to attack and destroy him because Okpetemba knows it is not about Stainless but Njoku.
And the reason he is trying to come in is to find a way to organize kangaroo impeachment against Stainless. That is the reason why who is going to be the deputy to Stainless is a problem to Okpetemba.
It will happen in no distance time even though the election will not stand and the 419 impeachment is just a strategy to obtain money from people and call it election.
All the executives have been sacked by the court judgement. Okpetemba and Njoku can never agree.
But that is not the problem.
I am very sure Njoku will not allow Okpetemba to have his way because he is smarter than Okpetemba’s 419.
Okpetemba who claims to be Eze Ndigbo in Ikeja which he uses as a strategy to survive in Lagos has been the problem of Ndigbo grassroots in Lagos State.
Now, he has become so dangerous to Ndigbo because of his illness. He is trying to find who would touch him so that the person will be labelled a murderer.
That is why he cannot move without touts around him as a defence because he has dealt with so many Igbo grassroots in Lagos and still continues.
And the so called Eze Ndigbo in Lagos are so afraid of him because he can organzine touts and few Ndi Ezes to any of the general meetings of Ndi Eze and make noise and call it impeachment.
That is why the chairman of Ndi Eze who is a good man is very afraid of Okpetemba because he has recently tried to carry out same kangaroo impeachment against Eze Chris Ofiah at the Surulere national stadium when Ndi Eze had their recent meeting.
Okpetemba is dangerous.
He is the foundation or contributes 80 percent out of the troubles between an Igbo man and his fellow brother or sister especially in the enclave of less privileged Igbos residing in Lagos State.
Every minute of the day, Okpetemba thinks about evil doing.
That is the reason lots of people who call themselves Eze Ndigbo in Lagos are very much afraid of him because once you challenge him, he would organize his touts and frame up an offence against you for kangaroo impeachment so that people who get the information on social media will believe it.
I think he is one of the oldest 419 Ndigbo has in Lagos today. He knows 419 job. His lies move faster than anyone’s truth.
He has every evil instrument to deal with everybody.
His evil thinking is faster than computer.
Example of this is the way he organized a kangaroo election against a valid court judgment. He labelled his reason to conduct the election as impeachment.
A classical 419.
When my opponent took me to court, it lasted for four years before the judgment, with a certified true copy, gives Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene another four years in office.
You are free to argue the judgment but you must go to court.
Any action against the judgment is an insult on the judiciary which is dangerous to anyone no matter your level of 419.
But Okpetemba thought that court issues are about making noise. He also thinks that he can achieve result outside the court through intimidation.
This is to tell you the kind of heart he has to pursue evil things especially in pursuing money.
The reason why 419 is more dangerous than armed robbery is because a 419 man can cheat his biological child , cheat his father, cheat his mother, cheat his wife, cheat his brother and cheat his best friend including himself at the end.
That is exactly what Okpetemba did to himself by going against High Court judgment.
It is purely undiluted evil network.
You can only challenge any judgment in the court. Even a layman knows this.
But smelling of shit does not allow dog to see its death coming. That is the case with Okpetemba.
First, Okpetemba came to where Ohanaeze Ndigbo was holding a general meeting on Ajao Road, Surulere.
He arranged some touts, mixed up with some executives already sacked by the court judgement to come and make noise. He pushed tables down and called it impeachment just for him to have a way and extort money from people in the name of Ohanaeze election.
When you watch the video from the beginning to the end, you will continue to laugh the whole day.
After displaying what he called impeachment, he ran away from the meeting with his touts.
Chief Solomon Ogbonna continued to preside over the meeting, still on his seat, as President till adjournment to the next meeting was made and closing prayers offered.
If you impeach someone, you take over the seat or you replace him with his Vice.
That is to tell you how desperate he is at over 70 years.
At that age of 70 years, the person is already in the departure hall even with the condition of his health whereby Okpetemba cannot stand up for 10 minutes without a walking stick or any other thing supporting him by his side.
He did these evil things hiding under the umbrella of Ohanaeze Enugu national. My sincere joy is that those men in Enugu believe that he is the only evil man they can use to achieve any wrong doing in Lagos Ohanaeze. No other person will accept such dirty job, no matter how much is involved.
What those men, who came from Enugu, want to achieve is to show that Enugu is still in control of Ohanaeze State chapters that are not benefiting anything from them.
They don’t give allocation to State chapters. They don’t intervene in the problem of anyone. They only come to make money during election and go home. They still want to prove to their fellow old men that they are still agile to work but essentially not for the interest of Ohanaeze.
The person that crowned Uche Dimgba {Okpetemba} high chief which he is using today to intimidate people as Eze Ndigbo Ikeja is Uwazuruike Ukpume, Eze Igbo General {Tokas}.
Okpetemba became a threat to Uwazuruike Ukpume who give him the title in Lagos.
He made Uwazuruike’s palace ungovernable.
Again, Eze Christian Nwachukwu, Eze Ndigbo Isolo, the second Eze in Lagos State, worked with Bola Ahmed Tinubu for so many years.
It is the same Okpetemba that instigated problem and strained the cordial relationship between Tinubu and Nwachukwu. He also made the palace of Eze Nwachukwu ungovernable.
If Okpetemba knows you are a divorcee or a stubborn child to your parents, he would quickly reach out and adopt the person as his ally.
His strength is all the touts he is recruiting.
But the unfortunate thing is that those touts go home empty handed and he continues using them.
I can bet that anytime Ndigbo has any confrontation with Yoruba people in Lagos , Okpetemba would be responsible for 80 percent.
All these are facts. If I am adding something different from this, Almighty God will not forgive me.
He always says he can kill anybody including me and go scot-free . But I tell him that he cannot but his threat is noted.
Driving me away from Lagos is also in his voice note which is also noted too.
One day, Uche Dimgba {Okpetemba} told me that when you tell lies and back it up well with other similar lies, by dividing people in different angles to meet those that the lies will work on their heads, it gives you better offer as witness to your stand than the most honest person in the world.
That was the day I decided that I will never do anything serious with him because I believe he is ahead of any one that lives with lies.
Again, he told me that the only way to fight and win is to heap multiple lies on the head of your opponent. He said before your opponent can be able to defend up to five of the lies, he will give up the fight.
“That is why I Okpetember is a master strategist in politics,” he told me.
That is the day I became more careful of the way I deal with Uche Dimgba, who is claiming to be Eze Ndigbo, Ikeja. 
The immediate past chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, Lagos State, Honourable Tunde Balogun, told him to go back to the palace as king as he is claiming to be Eze.
Okpetemba has no relationship with any government official that is productive. Joe Igbokwe is his all and all who continues to give him money to organize crowd for him for photos and videos background. Joe Igbokwe is also the one sustaining his life.
Go to Okpetemba any hour, he is in the house. He can die for N5. The same way he pursue N5 is the same way he pursues millions. That is why his 419 is more dangerous than anyone I have met in my life.
If Joe Igbokwe leaves Okpetemba today, he will go back to the village.
So, whatever you hear from Okpetemba about Lagos State government is just part of his 419 strategies. They know his criminal aspects better than the way we Ndigbo know him in Lagos.
So, nothing to worry about, my people.
Joe Igbokwe knows what Okpetemba is up to especially in nuisance value. That is why he supports him against Ayan Ndigbo, and Baba Tata as coordinator of Ndigbo in APC, Lagos because he knows that he can deal with anybody especially in heaping lies on anyone who Joe Igbokwe feels is not loyal and remove the person.
Okpetemba is more than a specialist in lies because it is inborn in him.
They even brought the matter to me as President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and their apex leader about who takes the post of co ordinator Ndigbo Lagos in APC.
I told them that Okpetemba should go back to his palace since he claims to be Eze instead of Chief that I know him to be.
Okpetemba is another Igbo man whose arrogance is beyond human expectation.
Who introduced Joe Igbokwe to Okpetemba?
Joe Igbokwe’s brother, Pastor Paul Eze, former secretary of traditional rulers in Lagos, was working with Okpetemba as member of Ndi Eze and Chiefs.
One day, Pastor Paul Eze took Joe Igbokwe to Okpetemba for the first time when Joe Igbokwe requested for help on how to rent some crowd of Ndigbo in Lagos which he will be using as photos and videos for platform especially to show that he is working on Ndigbo for APC.
At no distant time, Okpetemba crashed Pastor Paul Eze’s and Joe Igbokwe’s heads together.
The worst part of Okpetemba is that he will be hitting in the bush and come to the main road to ask who is hitting the bush.
Today, Paul Eze and Joe are not working together as brothers.
All these are undiluted facts. You can do your findings.
Okpetemba has become the brother and friend to Joe Igbokwe instead of Pastor Paul Eze who resides in Alimosho, Lagos.
With Okpetemba, Ndigbo can never be in peace in Lagos.
He is so proud with sweet mouth. If you don’t know Okpetemba, you will think he was the one who introduced Aliko Dangote, Cletus Ibeto of Nnewi, Anambra State and Mike Adenuga into business.
In all of this, there were no benefits for Ndigbo to know that the government of the day is caring for them especially the way the past governments were closing down their major markets.
Also, Ndigbo were not giving anything as part of Lagosians including their contributions to the development of Lagos state, especially the grassroots including the closing of Igbo major markets in Lagos like ASPADA { Lagos Island and Alaba International markets etc} until I and my brother, Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii came to let Ndigbo know that Lagos government has been caring for Ndigbo.
I have never seen a group of Ndigbo saying APC is their party and that they would vote for the party until my brother, Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii told me to use my position as President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos to work for the government of the day which I did and Ndigbo listened to me and we got it right.
The facts are there for anyone to see and verify.
Like I earlier said, Okpetemba’s lies and propaganda are very strong. He can organize people who have been with you for years against you within a twinkle of an eye.
I don’t want to count his atrocities.
99 percent of Ndigbo can testify to what I am saying about Okpetemba, especially Ndigbo in the grassroots where he networks with intimidation without minding his old age.
Just few days ago, he called someone to call one of our prominent men in Ikoyi and he said to the man “ Tell that our prominent man that Chief Solomon Ogbonna will rubbish him.” And the man replied him “ I know Chief Solomon better than you.”
He did that because Okpetemba is always afraid if he knows that you reside in Ikoyi or Victoria Island or other prime areas of Lagos State.
Jealousy is inborn in him.
He doesn’t move around with anyone that is better than him. But he can find a way to extort money from anyone better than him.
He can only move or work with people he can intimidate.
You can imagine how he is celebrating that Honourable Jude Idimogu will not go back to his position as member of Lagos House of Assembly.
He even organized a thanksgiving about Jude Idimogu’s failure to go back to the State Assembly.
My question is: Is Okpetemba going to take that seat or does he have an Igbo man that he wants to put on that seat?
The simple answer is jealous and wickedness.
How do APC expect Ndigbo’s bumper votes if this man who claims to be Eze Ndigbo, Ikeja and parading himself as APC coordinator is operating against Ndigbo progress?
If not, how can Okpetemba call consent judgment a kangaroo instead of going to court to challenge it if he is not a hardened criminal.
If he is not a hardened criminal, what he should have done was to go to court and vacate the judgment.
So, I see him as a jailbird by rubbishing the High Court of Lagos State.
The simple reason is because Uche Dimgba wants to extort money from those people he promised to give president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo knowing fully that there is a consent judgment which impeachment or any other verbal talk cannot upturn except appeal.
Among other things Okpetemba did earlier was to disorganize the house- our executives including women and youth wings.
But my brother, Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii tried everything to bring everybody back. But still, Uche Dimgba {Okpetemba} continued.
No doubt, he has evil network sharper than MTN, Airtel and Glo.
If they want to make money from you, they would promise you Ohanaeze president against Chief Solomon Ogbonna.
Okpetemba made a lot of money from Leo Okafor, {Oba Ojoto} and so many others including my secretary, Everest Ozonweke who later signed an agreement with him on how Ohanaeze will be running in his favour knowing fully that the election will not stand against court judgment.
But he needs that money from Everest Ozonweke a night before the election.
At the end, they still played Everest Ozonweke their game with their kangaroo election they did against court judgment which is contempt of the court judgment. Ignorance is not an excuse in law.
If you ask Okpetemba if he knows that God exists, he will tell you that he has never seen God. So, what he sees is what he believes.
I, Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene is still the president, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State for another four years from this year 2022 to year 2026, no doubt.
I have the same certificate now with governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State.
This example is just for a layman because many people have been brainwashed through social media propaganda by Uche Dimgba’s social media network which he devise for people to be sending different messages, telling them that a case that begun four years ago when I was summoned is court order and not judgment.
Anyone that conducts or participates in any Lagos Ohanaeze Ndigbo presidential election against court judgment that lasted four years with the former oppositions and two factional presidents {Nnamdi Wigwe {Odejiji} and Colonel Reuben Nwanko, retd} that have come and gone against my consent judgement, is time wasting and futile efforts.
You must wait for another four year or you go to the court and vacate the judgment if you can.


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