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Angela Merkel Reveals Intimate Secrets With Husband As She Bows Out


Angela Merkel reveals secrets with  husband including 7 unique qualities about the German Chancellor

OpenLife Nigeria reports that as German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, prepares to leave office after 16 years in power, Germany’s Christian Democrats, CDU, would elect a new chairman on Saturday, aiming to unite their conservative party behind a new leader who they hope can succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor when she steps down after federal elections in September.
During her reign, Germany’s leadership has generally trended up among the current 29 countries since the early years of Merkel’s tenure.
Although the increase between 2019 and 2020 was somewhat modest, there has been a 20-percentage-point increase in the median from 2006 to 2020.
Merkel’s model of steady and predictable leadership, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic and other global crises, has brought German leadership approval to new levels of prominence and popularity around the globe.
As she takes a bow and going by her political party rules, the new CDU leader will be elected by 1,001 delegates at a digital congress.
By tradition, the leader is usually – though not always – the chancellor candidate for the CDU’s “Union” with its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU).
However, as Angela Merkel hands over, ingredients of her leadership quality are source of inspirations to womanhood and emerging generation.


No transgressions were recorded against her; she did not assign any of her relatives to a government post; Merkel did not buy real estate, cars, yachts and private planes; the woman Chancellor never changed her wardrobe; Angela lives in a normal apartment like any other citizen; she lived in an apartment before being elected Chancellor of Germany and did not leave it and does not own a villa, servants, swimming pools or gardens. Angela Merkel did not get millions in payment.
She did not utter nonsense. She did not appear in the alleys of Berlin to be photographed. She was dubbed “The Lady of the World ” and who was described as the equivalent of six million men etc.
As Germany bids farewell to their hero, there was six minutes of warm applause, on the streets, balconies, windows, the whole country applauded for 6 minutes yesterday, indicating spectacular example of leadership and defense of humanity.

The Germans elected her to lead them and she led 80 million Germans for 16 years with competence, skill, dedication and sincerity.

The reaction of the Germans was unprecedented in the history of the country . The entire population went out to their balconies of their houses and clapped for her spontaneously for 6 continuous minutes in what could be described as a standing ovation nationwide.

Germany stood as one body bidding farewell to their leader, a chemical physicist who was not tempted by the fashion or the lights.

Once at a press conference, a female journalist asked Merkel “ We notice that you’re wearing the same suit, don’t you have any other? She replied: ” I am a government employee and not a model.”

At another press conference, they asked her “Do you have housemaids who clean your house, prepare your meals and so on? Her answer was: “No, I do not have servants and I do not need them. My husband and I do this work at home every day.”

Then another journalist asked: “Who is washing the clothes, you or your husband? Her answer: “I arrange the clothes, and my husband is the one who operates the washing machine, and it is usually at night, because electricity is available and there is no pressure on it, and the most important thing is to take into the account the possible inconvenience for the neighbours, thankfully the wall separating our apartment from the neighbours is thick.” She said.

Born Angela Dorothea Merkel (née Kasner} on  17 July 1954 and educated in the former East Germany, she became  a united Germany’s chancellor since 2005. Merkel is perhaps the best-known female world leader since Britain’s Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher — with whom she’s often compared. She heads the world’s fourth-largest economy — after the U.S., China and Japan — with an annual GDP of around $3.47 trillion and, along with French President Emmanuel Macron, is an effective overseer of the collective $17.1 trillion economy of the 28-nation European Union.


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