Tinubu Speaks On Obi

Anambra Campaign: How Tinubu Exposed Obi’s Infinite Capacity To Develop Nigeria

Anambra Campaign

OpenLife Nigeria reports that the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s penchant of verbally assaulting other presidential candidates in the course of campaigns has turned out an unsolicited positive expose of the infinite capacity of the candidate of Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi to take Nigeria to greater heights in economic development.
These were the views of Emeka Ezechi, a staunch believer in the Peter Obi’s 2023 presidency under the banner ”
Ezechi , who zeroed in on Tinubu’s verbal assault on Obi during a campaign rally in Anambra State, explained that Tinubu’s outpour was a positive expose of Obi’s sterling qualities as Nigeria’s next President from May 29, 2023.
According to him, Tinubu compared Peter Obi with St Simon Peter in the Bible who was recorded to have denied Jesus Christ before dawn during the crucifixion, saying that Obi will deny all the promises he made during campaign if voted for on February 25.
However, Ezechi clarified that Tinubu’s reasoning is a function of poor understanding of how Peter extended the works of Jesus Christ.

Ezechi narrated that when Jesus was crucified, Simon Peter took the leadership in spreading the good news to all corners of the world. So Peter Obi will be leading Nigeria to the apogee of progress on the world map.
He stated further that in the book of Acts 3:6, just as Peter told the cripple at the Beautiful Gate that “I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk,” Peter Obi is also demonstrating that he does not have Shishi to give but he is available to make Nigeria walk again.

He is moving Nigeria from consumption to production. Peter Obi has character, capacity, competence and the commitment in taking Nigeria out of the woods. Can any other presidential candidate boast of these qualities? Only Peter Obi can.

“We urge Nigerians to remain focus, collect their PVCs and wait for February 25, 2023 when we will be electing Peter Obi of LP as president of the federal republic of Nigeria. “We also plead with Nigerians to tell all their friends and relatives about the good news. This election is an existential one,” Ezechi advised.

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