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Alex Ogbonnia, Who Claims To Be Ohanaeze Ndigbo Publicity Secretary, Is Challenging Court Judgment: How About Ohanaeze General Assembly?

Alex Ogbonnia, Who Claims To Be Ohanaeze Ndigbo Publicity Secretary,  challenges  Court Judgment

In shaping things into the right perspective at ensuring that Lagos Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s pattern of growth and success initiated by President Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, are not truncated, Chief Thompson Ohia, a chieftain of the socio-cultural and apolitical association, yet again, submits , in this piece made available to OpenLife, that Alex Ogbonnia, factional publicity secretary and others who are orchestrating blackmail should desist
Some old Igbo men, in Ohanaeze Ndigbo Enugu, have divided themselves into different parts for 2023 general election for hunting for money for their personal gains.
They call themselves Ohanaeze national body .
And there is another Ohanaeze members who call themselves general assembly?
So, who do we believe in Enugu?
The head of one of the departments is Alex Ogbonnia who claims to be publicity secretary, Ohanaeze Ndigbo national as mouth piece of Ndigbo. It is for mere hustling in the houses of politicians for his personal interest.
I can assure you that these group of leaders who claim to be Ohanaeze Ndigbo national have gotten their negotiating agents to bid for prices within the enclaves of presidential, governorship candidates including other offices they would campaign for.
From these old men, Ndigbo has never benefited or achieved anything.
I can assure you that at the moment, they would be calling Peter Obi their son.
But immediately campaigns begin, they would tag him a stingy man and someone that is not capable.
This would especially come from Alex Ogbonnia who doesn’t believe in any politician except the ones he is tapping money from like a palm wine tapper on top of palm tree.
He has the highest profile that he has packaged for himself as his network for surviving .
But, I can only see him the way I see a beggar on the street who collects money from different people with different religions and go home to separate the one from Christian and Muslim.
That is Alex Ogbonnia for you.
He was the former President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Enugu for four years.
He never held any meeting for the four years rather, he used the opportunity as President, Ohanaeze Enugu, moving round, begging money from politicians and individuals all in the name of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.
It is a shame that the problems of Ndigbo are emanating from some of those who call themselves leaders.
Alex Ogbonnia was crying and begging including fasting and praying for him to just get the chance to be part of Ohanaeze group as publicity secretary.
To tell you how foolish Alex Ogbonnia is, we that know him know that he is an errand boy with greed despite his exposure.
For the avoidance of doubt, Alex Ogbonnia can lick anybody’s shoes because of N5.
He is condemning Bola Ahmed Tinubu and claiming to be supporting Peter Obi.
If you are far from him, you would think that someone reasonable has spoken.
Like my President said, Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, who, no doubt, remains the President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos, in the next four years, “Peter Obi is a wonderful man, honest and gentle and he is qualified to be the President of Nigeria. He is also qualified to be the Secretary General of the United Nations, UN. We love him.”
President Solomon Ogbonna further said “But Peter Obi must work with grassroots and Igbo business men of like mind. He should not have a single trust in the five individuals that have hijacked Ohanaeze Ndigbo national.”
When Senator Rochas Okorocha was the governor of Imo State, they were licking his shoes, collecting money from him and he built a befitting secretariat at the Enugu Ohanaeze headquarters.
They labelled him the best governor that has ever been produced by black race.
Recently, he came out as a presidential aspirant and he could not get votes even from Igbo delegates in the All Progressives Congress, APC.
Also, governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, my own brother, was not fully supported by these Igbo leaders during the APC presidential primary.
But these old men were trooping into his office everyday to collect money. And you would see how they are bending down for their younger brother.
You can understand that the respect they accorded him was not because of his position but because of the money they want to go home with.
I was so happy for Perter Obi for his decision to leave PDP for Labour Party.
This is because this cabal we are talking about has seen PDP as their religion and they must work on the head of politicians as Pope, Bishops and Reverend Fathers. The errand boy, Alex Ogbonnia is the one managing the tout aspect as a publicity secretary.
These are some of the reasons Ohanaeze Ndigbo national has no capacity of directing a single Igbo man on what to do and who to cast their vote as at today.
But the Yoruba people are united through their leaders. The Hausa people are also united through their leaders.
Ndigbo core leaders, especially Ohanaeze Ndigbo, what are you doing?
What is your position on Nnamdi Kanu?
What is your position in the killings in South East?
For the Yoruba and Hausa people, their language is their bond while these people called leaders in Ohanaeze speak grammar.
Before they go out in the morning, they would consult the dictionary to pick grammar and ambiguous words to speak to a local woman who is coming from the farm and claim that they have got it right with intimidation at the end with different voices.
Yet, they are not ashamed.
For example, when Hope Uzodinma who I know many years ago as a philanthropist got his mandate as governor of Imo State through court judgment, I was so happy for him.
But the same people in Ohanaeze Ndigbo Enugu condemned him and called him all kind of names.
Alex Ogbonnia who calls himself publicity secretary was in the forefront abusing governor Uzodinma. He called him different type of names.
Today, he will be the one carrying hand bag to the President General to go and see governor Uzodinma.
He wouldn’t mind to go and stay at the gate for two days just to see governor Uzodinma.
Alex Ogbonnia, publicity secretary my foot just to get money from politicians.
I continue to testify that Professor George Obiozor is a good man and honest man but the cabal who are around him in Ohanaeze forum, giving him wrong information and bad ideas for their personal interests, are not ashamed even at old age.
Governor Hope Uzodinma got his mandate from court judgment, then why do you see another court judgment differently?
It is simply because President Solomon is not sharing the goodwill from the host government to people like Alex Ogbonnia who claim to be publicity secretary of Ohnanaeze Ndigbo Lagos and Ohanaeze general Assembly. Instead, Presient Solomon uses such goodwill to support the widows and the less privileged.
A man like Dr. Joe Nwaogu who has been secretary general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo World Wide can never mix himself with such group.
That was why he stepped aside and allowed them to destroy Ohanaeze. Dr. Joe Nwaogu is a man of integrity.
Anyway, there is nothing to worry about.
Ohanaeze Ndigbo can neither stop Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Sanwo-Olu if God says it is going to be nor can they stop Peter Obi if God says he will be President.
Above all, Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by Alex Ogbonnia who claims to be publicity secretary cannot influence any positive change for any candidate vying for any position.
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos President Solomon Ogbonna Aguene is more popular and influential than Alex Ogbonnia.
So, Ndigbo, listen to Chief Solomon Ogbonna more.
Alex Ogbonnia has no voice to influence anyone. Period!

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