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After Meeting Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, President Putin Is Quarantining


After Meeting Syrian President

OpenLife Nigeria reports that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who was vaccinated against Covid-19 in March is currently quarantining.
According to a statement from Kremlin Tuesday, the President had a busy day on Monday.
Among his engagements on Monday, September 13 was a face-to-face talk with Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad.
Putin also reportedly met a number of Russian Paralympians and inspected troops taking part in military exercises in Nizhny Novgorod.
At the moment, several people in his inner circle have tested positive for Covid-19.
But government spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said Putin has tested negative for coronavirus and is “absolutely healthy.”
Peskov told journalists in a conference call that as “several people” in Putin’s entourage got sick with Covid-19.
Peskov further stated that the President “must take a responsible position and not endanger the health of his colleagues.” The spokesman did not specify who has tested positive.
Asked why Putin met with Assad if there were concerns about his exposure to people who tested positive, Peskov said the event took place before the decision to quarantine was made.

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