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Africa Oil Week And Green Energy Africa Summit Appoint Advisory Committees

Africa Oil Week And Green Energy Africa Summit Appoint Advisory Committees

OpenLife Nigeria reports that Africa Oil Week and Green Energy Africa Summit 2022 have announced an influential and highly experienced advisory committee to guide the events’ vision of setting an African energy agenda for Africa.
The advisory committees are led by Mntu Nduvane, an experienced director with deep experience in the oil, gas, and energy industry. Nduvane has served at the executive and board level at Engen, TotalEnergies, Royale Energy, Viva Oils, and at South Africa’s Department of Minerals and Energy.
“Africa Oil Week will provide a good platform for Africa to drive its agenda and create wealth and socio-economic development for our continent, our people, and our future,” says Nduvane. “I’m looking forward to being part of this important event.”
Africa Oil Week takes place from October 3-7, 2022, in Cape Town, under the patronage of South Africa’s department of mineral resources and energy, under the theme “Sustainable Growth in a Low Carbon World”.
“We are proud to be able to appoint an advisory committee with such a depth of experience from right across the energy sector,” says Paul Sinclair, vice president of energy, Africa Oil Week & Green Energy Africa Summit. “Africa Oil Week will underscore the importance of sustainably developing oil, gas and all hydrocarbon resources in Africa.”
The committee also includes Hon. Minister Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Minister of Energy for Ghana, has underscored that oil remains a critical part of the continent’s energy mix.
“In Ghana, for example, fossil fuels are an important element in our energy plans,” he says. “This remains the case, even while we work to increase the share of renewable energy over the medium-to-long term.”
Also on the advisory committee is Hon. Minister Lamine Seydou Traore, Minister of Mining, Energy and Water for Mali, endorses the view that renewables alone could not yet meet the continent’s energy needs.
“Solutions to increase access to clean energy on our continent remain limited,” he says. “While we develop that capacity, we also need to develop Africa’s oil potential. Africa Oil Week is an effective forum for sharing insights on how to do this most effectively.”

Botswana minister of mineral resources, green technology and energy security Hon Minister Lefoko Moagi is another advisory committee member. He emphasises that fossil fuels are a fundamental resource for baseload power in Africa. “Fossil fuels must be used responsibly, even while we explore cleaner technologies,” he says.
The diverse advisory committee for Africa Oil Week underscores the international interest in Africa’s energy future and the broad-based commitment to developing the continent’s energy sector.
Africa Oil Week comes at a crucial time for the world energy industry. Current geopolitical instability has emphasised the importance of diverse energy supplies and opened up opportunities for Africa to position itself as a stable, reliable energy provider for the region and the world.
Sinclair says Africa Oil Week is a forum to discuss how fossil fuels can sustainably benefit Africa. The event will be co-located at Cape Town’s CTICC with the Green Energy Africa Summit, a platform promoting energy access for all Africans for a low-carbon future.
“It is becoming clear that the world remains reliant on fossil fuels to meet its energy needs,” says Sinclair. “It is also important that our transition to a new energy mix be responsibly managed.”
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