2023 Presidency

2023 Presidency: Dokpesi Unveils Atiku’s Trump Card


2023 Presidency and Dokpesi

OpenLife Nigeria reports that as the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, announces the commencement of sales of nomination forms for the various offices in the National Working Committee, NWC, on Monday, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi has unveiled Atiku Abubakar’s trump card ahead of the primary election and the 2023 presidency and its ancillary contest.
The party said the Eagles Square has been secured while the Old Parade Ground, Area 10 will serve for accreditation of delegates for the convention.
But as the party perfects its plans for a hitch-free congress, those who are in support of Atiku Abubakar’s presidential interests are also perfecting their strategies.
Amongst them is Chief Raymond Dokpesi, Founder, DAAR Communications.
In an interview earlier published in Daily Trust, Dokpesi stated:

So, you are not supporting the call for the PDP to present a candidate from the South ast in 2023?
The South East cannot win the election for the PDP that is just the truth of the matter. I don’t beat around the bush; I treat issues as they are and as I understand them. There is no candidate from the South East, even I dare say there is no candidate from the South that you put in the North today that will be able to win. It is going to be a humongous challenge.
If we are the Nigerians, I want us to be, if we believe in the unity of Nigeria and we also believe in equity, justice, and fairness, there is no reason we should not give it to the South East if the slot is given to the South. However, is there equity, justice, and fairness in Nigeria’s politics? The answer is NO! So, don’t let us over flog the matter. I think that whoever emerges as the president of Nigeria would have to compensate the people of the South East if truly, we want the emergence of the new Nigeria.
Do you mean that the PDP should seek its candidate for 2023 from the North?
That is what I have stated!
There are suggestions that you are asking the PDP to zone the presidency to the North in 2023 because you are supporting the candidacy of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.
Am I stopping anybody from supporting whoever they want? I stand firm to state that Atiku Abubakar is the candidate to beat in 2023. He is competent, he is a liberal northerner, who is ready to sacrifice. He is not coming there to amass wealth or looking for a name. He is coming to serve Nigeria. He is religion-tolerant, tribal-tolerant to all parts of the country. I don’t know of any state or major town in Nigeria that Atiku can’t boast of more than 10 friends, so, that is the calibre of person to lead Nigeria. I offer Atiku to Nigerians for them to see a clear difference between him and the president that is there now.

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